My Task

My life’s task is “to draw soft conclusions.” This was a meaningless statement for the longest time — it became a “Bingo!” statement during a March, 2010, “Manifesting Essence” workshop, conducted by Troy Tolley. As you will notice, I’m a person of strong opinions. However, I also am working continuously to examine alternative ways of looking at things to see the bigger underlying truths or other possibilities. ¬†Oddly enough, I feel that continual attempts to validate Michael provides that balance, as I’m more apt to discard strongly held beliefs in Michael, and move more into a “possibilites” zone.

The Michael Teachings come through multiple channels from the Causal plane entity, Michael. Michael’s one ongoing caveat for nearly 30 years has been: “Validate, validate, validate.” Sometimes, validating is messy and causes controversy as not all channels say the same thing. Who is right? This is where one applies logic, external facts, internal insights, real life experience, and all of the myriad small elements that comprise thinking in order to validate. Bobble-headed thinking has been the norm all too often. Most channels have been given sacred cow status — inerrant and not to be questioned.

Either we accept Michael’s caveat as a basic truth to what they offer or we let the teachings slide into just another New Agey spiritual path that allows anything and everything as a “truth.” Perhaps, my attempt to draw soft conclusions is to both open to some of the more controversial ideas but not to buy them unexamined. ¬†Sometimes, horseshit is just a faux apple in the middle of the road.