Validating Michael through Popular Culture

Over the past few years, I’ve become quite habituated to watching Major League Baseball (MLB) during the day and evening. It’s hard to describe my level of fandom as it’s not particularly passionate nor focused on any single team all that much. When the Seattle Mariners are playing AND winning, I’ll watch them. When the [...]

A Battleground between Young Soul Age and Mature Soul Age

The battleline between Donald Trump and the landholders of Balmedie outside of Aberdeen in Scotland provide the graphic illustration of the differences between the Young Soul Age vs the Mature Soul Age. Trump has been in an escalating war with local landholders due to his desire to build “the greatest golf course in the world,” [...]

Negative Poles of Mature Soul Age

I ended my last posting on a note that I’d like to explore further. I try to keep these entries relatively short and to the point, and am willing to build my points over multiple days. Michael has said repeatedly that all stages or levels begin in negative poles, which then expand and move into [...]