Science isn’t Truth

When it comes to discussing belief systems and the use of personal truths as the basis of all personal biases, we’re most resistant to accepting this idea when it comes to science. Science is deemed objective, fact-based, and therefore TRUTH. Most of the things of pseudoscience presents itself as the same as science, and by [...]

Being nuts is optional

I recognize that I’ve managed to get to an extreme position in my discussions of truth and reality. It’s a combination of my Overleaves, life experiences, self-karma, being Sage-casted Sage on the innate quest for Truth, and even where I’m currently at in my Internal Monads. What at one time would have been unthinkable for [...]

Different realities aren’t lies

Normally, I’ve not used this blog to discuss current events, which includes politics. But, today, I’m going to expand on thinking about alternative realities, and no where is this more prevalent than in the world of politics. It’s easy to characterize politicians as liars. It’s far more difficult to accept that they are living [...]

Turmoil causes re-evaluation

I’ve taken a small pause as I ran out of steam on addressing belief systems directly; however, the pause allowed some events to take place that pushed me to reexamine some of my own belief systems. The East Coast Michael event at Claymont took place, Stephen Cocconi’s public release of information about “The Consortium” has [...]

Belief is not required

One of Michael’s oft-quoted, but poorly examined statements is “Belief is not required.” In its most simplistic form, Michael is simply saying that one will go through soul age development, whether one believes or not. On another level, Michael is saying “the truth about Tao will remain, regardless of belief.” On yet another level, [...]