Seeing Me

Today, a poem written by a very old and infirm man, which was discovered after his death in the hospital, is once again circulating online. It gives great food for thought, not only about his particular circumstances, but of the circumstances of each of us.

Cranky Old Man….. What do you see nurses? . . [...]

Coalescence vs Dualism

Recently, I saw a video, called “Tuning In” that asked the same questions of six different channels, some of whom I know to be quite different from Michael — yet the answers were remarkably consistent with those of Michael and other teachers whom I’ve read over the years. From my perspective, I would say that [...]

Evolution Includes the Past

This will be an expansion of the ideas contained in my previous posting about “Positive Poles Includes Negative Poles.” We, as humans, tend to get locked into ideas about failings and successes as though either of them are an endpoint. If we fail at something, we can easily interpret that to mean that we’ll fail [...]

All that you’ve been

Note: I made an error in this posting that I have since gotten a clear answer from Michael to correct it. A full design is in effect from the beginning. Not just an Energy Ring. See “What Comes First? Energy Ring or Design?“

Also, as I transferred all of my articles to date from Validating [...]