My reality is different from yours

A question in this past Sunday’s Michael Speaks “Open Floor” discussion on parallels brought the topic of a previous Michael Speaks on “The 9 Realities” from April, 2011 back to the forefront. I’d not reread it during the two years that elapsed; so, it was nearly a brand new experience for me. When I checked [...]

Choosing includes parallels

One of the more difficult aspects of the Michael Teachings would be the concept of parallels, or different vibrational dimensions, or even different realities. Michael is hardly unique in discussing this concept, but it is still something that is more difficult to validate as “science” hasn’t caught up, other than through Quantum Physics or string [...]

Superficiality may be safety

Tonight, I was discussing a topic that’s generated a lot of interest on TLE, “Chat Transcript on Dealing with People” with Brian_W, the one who asked the questions that generated the answers from Michael. It was when I married it to some of my recent work on individual realities that we seemed to hit an [...]