Fibonacci Spiral as a Model for Spiritual Growth

Today, I had one of those “Conscious Connection to Essence,” moments. The insight gained was equating spiritual growth to the Fibonacci Golden Spiral. And, by spiritual growth, I would include not only Personality’s growth through the Internal Monads, but Essences growth through the Soul Ages, and on an even grander scale, the growth of [...]

Choice IS “the Now”

There is a great deal of discussion throughout the spiritual community about the concepts involved in past, present, and future — and “the now.” Many of us grapple with the idea of attempting to live in the now, but it’s elusive at best. We use a lot of catch phrases, such as “letting go of [...]

Evolution Includes the Past

This will be an expansion of the ideas contained in my previous posting about “Positive Poles Includes Negative Poles.” We, as humans, tend to get locked into ideas about failings and successes as though either of them are an endpoint. If we fail at something, we can easily interpret that to mean that we’ll fail [...]

The slide from negative to positive poles happens through experiences

Understanding the seven levels, stages, or circles of any of the evolutionary topics that Michael discusses is usually through the ego or false personality as a competition, rather than through the inclusiveness of positive poles. This is because it’s impossible to understand until one is actually IN the positive pole. It’s a vague measurement of [...]