Validating through limitations

I’m learning the hard way about the limitations of existing beliefs, especially when it comes to both validating Michael and exploring new information with Michael through Troy. I’ve had to become far more rigorous in my willingness to both accept new information, critically examine it for conflicting information over a series of sessions, and then [...]

Michael Communities

Once again, the topic of expectations about what the “Michael Community” should be are surfacing amidst swirling arguments and fairly radically different belief systems on what the Michael Teachings are all about. If one knows the history of the mythical Michael Community, we know the original group broke apart after about 80 weeks and completely [...]

Online Michael Resources

In addition to the links given with the authors and books, there are two primary sites: one that bills itself as the “official” Michael Teachings website and community, run by Dave Gregg, and the NING Truth, Love, and Energy social networking site run by Troy Tolley. One doesn’t have to choose. Both have merit and [...]