Perceiving truth

As I’ve discussed in the past, belief systems contain truths unique to the Personality — very few truths are Absolute (genuinely universal or Tao level truths.) We live with global and personal truths, none of which are particularly “true.” Truth is highly dependent on one’s perception of the world around them, based in large part [...]

Validating isn’t disproving

I had an epiphany of sorts in my reply to Diane’s comment on the previous entry. In conclusion I said, “My original goal for VM has completely changed or evolved through a series of choices I’ve made on focus points. I’ve lost my need to disprove what others think.” This is a critical observation that [...]

Pondering sex and gender as a belief system

I’ve been discussing ideas about truth, absolute truths, and belief systems throughout the duration of this blog; however, I think it’s time to “get down to the nitty gritty” of a belief system that permeates all cultures around the world. This might explain it better than any somewhat vague generalization. Sex and gender. I know [...]

Group Thinking

I’ve been hanging onto an article for awhile now, it’s most recent incarnation was in the Los Angeles Times, “Science and religion: God didn’t make man; man made gods,” by J. Anderson Thomson and Clare Aukofer. It appealed to me for a couple of reasons even though I don’t entirely agree with it. One, it [...]

Discussing validation

During a recent posting, I came to the realization that validation isn’t something we do “on occasion” or only for Michael, it is the premier engine that not only drives us through our 3rd Internal Monad when we give up certain types of imprinting, but becomes the reason and force for the entire 4th Internal [...]