A Recap of 2012 for Me

Doing year end recaps is probably an unnecessary task as we’re “supposed” to be in the NOW. Yet, if one is struggling with some unresolved issues or fears of the future, it can be useful to take the time to see if measurable growth in some manner happened during the past year. I definitely do [...]


This last quarter of 2012 is filled with Change that is most definitely affecting everyone in the U.S., even if only mildly or unbeknownst to some. Michael says that True Change is a matter of Perception, not so much the physical events that happen on the physical plane:


Michael vs the Ascensionists

With the advent of the 2012-Doomsday Countdown, I’ve been dutifully reading a variety of websites, getting a Google Alert on daily articles, and watching some YouTubes, etc. Once one sets aside extreme skepticism and tries to parse through the information in hopes of finding some parallelism to Michael, you’d think it’d get easier. It does [...]