Reveal and Revelation = Validation

Over the past couple of years, two words keep reappearing in answers to questions I’ve had about either my own fragment’s life to date, or even Essence’s evolution to date: Reveal and Revelation. Today, I went in search of several postings I’ve made on TLE and on VM, and each led to another as a [...]

How the Project Has Affected Me

I don’t usually cross post from an active discussion on TLE and into this blog; however, today, I’m making an exception. In part I want some people who are part of one group but unaware of the other group to know about the Project. I’m now comfortable with the material that’s been emerging over the [...]

My reality is different from yours

A question in this past Sunday’s Michael Speaks “Open Floor” discussion on parallels brought the topic of a previous Michael Speaks on “The 9 Realities” from April, 2011 back to the forefront. I’d not reread it during the two years that elapsed; so, it was nearly a brand new experience for me. When I checked [...]

An epiphany on parallels

Parallels are not an easy topic to discuss or defend. It “seems” plausible, but still, it’s pretty Sci-Fi or “out there.” Yeah, I know about Physics and string theory, but there is no way I can understand the math of it. So, validating it is a whole ‘nother thing. A couple of my chat buddies [...]

Perceiving truth

As I’ve discussed in the past, belief systems contain truths unique to the Personality — very few truths are Absolute (genuinely universal or Tao level truths.) We live with global and personal truths, none of which are particularly “true.” Truth is highly dependent on one’s perception of the world around them, based in large part [...]