A Major Point of Validation

As I’ve discussed numerous times, and in fact the title of this blog, I’m on a neverending question for Validating Michael. I allow my Attitude of Idealist slide to Skeptic whenever I’m reading and thinking about Michael. It takes a lot to “prove” that something intangible can still have substance. And, I’ve had to come [...]

Validating is more than fact-checking

I’ve discussed validation from multiple perspectives, but today, I hit on one I’d not contemplated previously. I was doing my usual quick response to a discussion thread and Essence stepped in and nudged my intuitive self. I’d been discussing the various permutations of why “truth” isn’t the end-all and be-all of truth most of the [...]

Mindfucks clarified

Thank you, Maureen.

I’ve been caught up in a bit of a downer mood — a sense of isolation or unwillingness to interact. Hardly anything as severe as once would have laid me low: depression. But, just a wait and see holding pattern. Try a few new things. So, downloaded a few new books, [...]

Validating Michael through Popular Culture

Over the past few years, I’ve become quite habituated to watching Major League Baseball (MLB) during the day and evening. It’s hard to describe my level of fandom as it’s not particularly passionate nor focused on any single team all that much. When the Seattle Mariners are playing AND winning, I’ll watch them. When the [...]

The Process of Becoming a Non-true Believer

One of my themes over the past few years of introspection is that as I’ve accepted that “true” beliefs and “true” truths weren’t very true. At the very most they were partial truths and some were outright untruths. This was all a part of examining Michael’s statements about the differences between Absolute, Global, and Personal [...]