Michael’s teaching on dying

Michael’s teaching on dying and “reincarnation” has evolved substantially during the years that they been channeled since the 70s and 80s. A broader understanding of the process has moved from a perspective of a single soul who is continually reborn to one of a fragment of Essence who does a single lifetime as a Personality [...]

Choice IS our only “Commandment”

Someone started a discussion on the MT Group List asking “What would the 10 Commandments look like if written by Michael?” This triggered a response from me that I didn’t think Michael would have ANY commandments as it would be contrary to their Teachings about choice. Choice is the underlying thrum of all sentience. It’s [...]

Skepticism drives validation

Currently, I’m going through a fairly highly skeptical period, a time of “crisis of faith,” as those who have been religious have called it. My skepticism has spiked in large part because I’m very uncomfortable with what I view as a continuous pressure to accept any and all things that come out of the “New [...]

Group Thinking

I’ve been hanging onto an article for awhile now, it’s most recent incarnation was in the Los Angeles Times, “Science and religion: God didn’t make man; man made gods,” by J. Anderson Thomson and Clare Aukofer. It appealed to me for a couple of reasons even though I don’t entirely agree with it. One, it [...]

Camelot Was Just Another Myth

A story is hitting the global news today that will ripple through many of those in my age group and older as another belief found to be based on non-truths. The younger the reader, the more it will play as “Who? Who cares?” As in, “That’s ancient history.” For those into at least ONE version [...]