Coalescence vs Dualism

Recently, I saw a video, called “Tuning In” that asked the same questions of six different channels, some of whom I know to be quite different from Michael — yet the answers were remarkably consistent with those of Michael and other teachers whom I’ve read over the years. From my perspective, I would say that [...]

Intentional Fraud

Religion and spiritual teachings has always had its full share of out-and-out frauds. Some would claim that they’re all frauds. Hence, why I’ve not come to full and definite conclusions and continue to work on validating. But, I do think that there are many wandering through the realm of anything deemed “New Age” who are [...]

A Graphic Window into Validation

Today, someone sent me a video from the Galactic Council, one that perfectly illustrates the differences between what validates for me versus something that validates for others. The essential “message” is the same from Michael and the Galactic Council–that the Tao is love and that our purpose is to discover unconditional agape, which begins with [...]

Comparing Michael to Others

Troy Tolley, a Michael channel, has coined the expression “whackdoodle” to apply to some of the most unverifiable material that has come through over the years — things like the Pyramids were built in the future by aliens, greatly expanded timelines for human ensoulment and occupation of the earth, and Lemurians, who cycled off 60,000 [...]

Ponderings on Spiritual Qualities

No matter where I begin a study, I always end up taking deviations into similar or parallel topics that I either end up rejecting or attempting to merge back into my original subject. One of my side studies is into the the guru tradition, especially as it grew throughout India. However, gurus are hardly unique [...]