Reveal and Revelation = Validation

Over the past couple of years, two words keep reappearing in answers to questions I’ve had about either my own fragment’s life to date, or even Essence’s evolution to date: Reveal and Revelation. Today, I went in search of several postings I’ve made on TLE and on VM, and each led to another as a [...]

Michael’s teaching on dying

Michael’s teaching on dying and “reincarnation” has evolved substantially during the years that they been channeled since the 70s and 80s. A broader understanding of the process has moved from a perspective of a single soul who is continually reborn to one of a fragment of Essence who does a single lifetime as a Personality [...]

Camelot Was Just Another Myth

A story is hitting the global news today that will ripple through many of those in my age group and older as another belief found to be based on non-truths. The younger the reader, the more it will play as “Who? Who cares?” As in, “That’s ancient history.” For those into at least ONE version [...]