Ongoing Thoughts about Revelations

Today’s topic is going to incorporate three different perspectives about “reveal vs hidden.” Recent revelations from Edward Snowden about some very Top Secret NSA and government programs have caused many of us to think of personal privacy from an entirely different perspective and have evoked a fair amount of fear. Additionally, privacy, as a concept, [...]

Choice IS our only “Commandment”

Someone started a discussion on the MT Group List asking “What would the 10 Commandments look like if written by Michael?” This triggered a response from me that I didn’t think Michael would have ANY commandments as it would be contrary to their Teachings about choice. Choice is the underlying thrum of all sentience. It’s [...]

Skepticism drives validation

Currently, I’m going through a fairly highly skeptical period, a time of “crisis of faith,” as those who have been religious have called it. My skepticism has spiked in large part because I’m very uncomfortable with what I view as a continuous pressure to accept any and all things that come out of the “New [...]

I’ve always been curious

Recently, I asked some questions about my Concurrents, those current incarnations of Sparky that are being lived in an overlapping or same timeframe as mine. While many struggle to understand the concept of a concurrent or simultaneous incarnation, they make reasonable sense to me. I see no reason that Sparky isn’t quite capable of having [...]

Is All Channeling Equal?

Part of my quest to validate Michael must include attempting to not only validate the individual Michael channels, but all channeling in general. Is channeling a valid method of receiving expanded knowledge? Is all channeling equal in value? Is there a notable consistency of material that comes through channeling from any/all sources? Why is channeling [...]