Michael Teachings Are Panetheist

I’ve been going through some cogitating on “what” are the Michael Teachings as defined by a usable term — are they spiritual? are they metaphysical? are they “new age”? are they “secular humanist”? and so on. In the process, I’ve read deeper into the concepts of Pantheism and into Apophatic Theology (negative theology). The definitions [...]

Reveal and Revelation = Validation

Over the past couple of years, two words keep reappearing in answers to questions I’ve had about either my own fragment’s life to date, or even Essence’s evolution to date: Reveal and Revelation. Today, I went in search of several postings I’ve made on TLE and on VM, and each led to another as a [...]

Ongoing Thoughts about Revelations

Today’s topic is going to incorporate three different perspectives about “reveal vs hidden.” Recent revelations from Edward Snowden about some very Top Secret NSA and government programs have caused many of us to think of personal privacy from an entirely different perspective and have evoked a fair amount of fear. Additionally, privacy, as a concept, [...]

Coalescence vs Dualism

Recently, I saw a video, called “Tuning In” that asked the same questions of six different channels, some of whom I know to be quite different from Michael — yet the answers were remarkably consistent with those of Michael and other teachers whom I’ve read over the years. From my perspective, I would say that [...]

Michael vs the Ascensionists

With the advent of the 2012-Doomsday Countdown, I’ve been dutifully reading a variety of websites, getting a Google Alert on daily articles, and watching some YouTubes, etc. Once one sets aside extreme skepticism and tries to parse through the information in hopes of finding some parallelism to Michael, you’d think it’d get easier. It does [...]