Working to clear one’s mind

This morning I awakened early to glorious sunshine beaming through my window that overlooks my bed. So, rather than “hit the snooze alarm” aka closing the blinds for another try at dreamland, I got on up and did my morning ritual of coffeemaking, and catching up on the news from overnight. I went into a [...]

Negative Poles of Mature Soul Age

I ended my last posting on a note that I’d like to explore further. I try to keep these entries relatively short and to the point, and am willing to build my points over multiple days. Michael has said repeatedly that all stages or levels begin in negative poles, which then expand and move into [...]

Conspiracy Theories about the United Nations

For years I’ve puzzled over the rather hysterical reactions from the far right about the United Nations. Since I was raised in a household where it was deemed a good step for humankind, that was my orientation. As I was born in 44, some of my earlier global memories have to do with the various [...]

Looking at Negative Poles and Conspiracy Theories

During the past few weeks, my daily Google Alerts have included “truther.” Trutherism is a term that was initially applied to those who believe that the U.S. government was complicit in the World Trade Center disaster on 9/11. There are multiple theories from “it knew about it and let it happen,” to actually setting the [...]

Courseware – Mature Soul Age Education

One of the major pluses of being pretty well housebound and internet savvy is that I get to study and learn about just about anything that crosses my path of interest. The Michael Teachings is an excellent case in point.

When I first came across Michael, I was flat-ass broke, but had chosen to have [...]