Manifesting Power and utilizing it effectively

Today, we had another Open Michael Workshop (OMW,) channeled by Troy Tolley. The subject was look at how the Expression term of POWER is utilized by each Role, Casting, Mode, and one can extrapolate its use within groups, such as Configurations and Support. Remember, everyone makes a quartet of each triad of Support by holding [...]

Using the News to Experience

I’ve been contemplating the difference between passive experience and active experience. The topic first occurred to me a few months back when I received the following information on how my Infant Soul Age was spent largely as a Guide. Essence was so distraught after the transfer that it chose not to incarnate all that much [...]

Working to clear one’s mind

This morning I awakened early to glorious sunshine beaming through my window that overlooks my bed. So, rather than “hit the snooze alarm” aka closing the blinds for another try at dreamland, I got on up and did my morning ritual of coffeemaking, and catching up on the news from overnight. I went into a [...]

How the Project Has Affected Me

I don’t usually cross post from an active discussion on TLE and into this blog; however, today, I’m making an exception. In part I want some people who are part of one group but unaware of the other group to know about the Project. I’m now comfortable with the material that’s been emerging over the [...]

A Battleground between Young Soul Age and Mature Soul Age

The battleline between Donald Trump and the landholders of Balmedie outside of Aberdeen in Scotland provide the graphic illustration of the differences between the Young Soul Age vs the Mature Soul Age. Trump has been in an escalating war with local landholders due to his desire to build “the greatest golf course in the world,” [...]