Resource-based College Education

Among Michael Students, there is a long-running speculative topic about what a “Mature Soul Age Society” will be like. Some approach it from primarily governance themes, while others approach it from economic themes, and still others equate it to social changes. The slide from a Young Soul Age to Mature Soul Age will take up [...]

Changing seasons

Seeking contentment isn’t as difficult as many try to make it. It’s really born of appreciating the things in one’s life that are free gifts. Then, it can be expanded to things for which one puts in effort. But, overall, contentment is both a focus and a perspective as even most difficulties have a silver [...]

An Epiphany for a Skeptic

OK, I had a huge experience tonight. I had a “long distance” healing session with several TLE Michael students: Moonfeather, DavidB, DavidW, and Jill aka Pacificspirit. And, my friend, Bobby, who was there in supportive spirit. Now, we all recognize that it’ll likely take more sessions as I have some fairly significant issues; however, for [...]


One of the more difficult things for me to accept and validate is the concept of everything having a degree of consciousness. Raised in the very here and now culture of the 50s and 60s, it was hard enough for me to learn to accept that animals have a consciousness. But, that becomes pretty obvious [...]

Diploma Mills

Lest I be considered overly arrogant or snarky because of my recent comment equating the variously named organizations under the umbrella of International Metaphysical Ministry (IMM) to be little more than a diploma mill, I’d like to share some of my research on the topic. Afterall, this is all part of validating. My penchant for [...]