What Does It Mean To Be an Old Soul?

Tonight I had a highly resonant experience about “What does it mean to be an Old Soul?” when I watched an independent film, “The Wild Parrots of San Francisco,” via my Prime Amazon account. I had a vague memory of having read about or seen this film before, or at least had an awareness of [...]

A Recap of 2012 for Me

Doing year end recaps is probably an unnecessary task as we’re “supposed” to be in the NOW. Yet, if one is struggling with some unresolved issues or fears of the future, it can be useful to take the time to see if measurable growth in some manner happened during the past year. I definitely do [...]

Courseware – Mature Soul Age Education

One of the major pluses of being pretty well housebound and internet savvy is that I get to study and learn about just about anything that crosses my path of interest. The Michael Teachings is an excellent case in point.

When I first came across Michael, I was flat-ass broke, but had chosen to have [...]

Validating Choice and Positive Poles

During the past two weeks, I’ve been going through a triple-whammy experience. Oddly enough, it jibed right with the WS2012 Chapter 1 issue on FEAR, as well as much of the information that came through today’s OMW “How to Use Your Energy.” In many ways, it was like a perfect storm of crap hitting my [...]

Time to become inspired once again

One of the joys of new “toys” is that it pushes one to expand what they know. A few months ago I purchased a 10-inch Sony Tablet, my first real foray outside of computers. I’ve owned a computer in some form since 1985, and have tried several cellphones — but could never get with the [...]