Validating is more than fact-checking

I’ve discussed validation from multiple perspectives, but today, I hit on one I’d not contemplated previously. I was doing my usual quick response to a discussion thread and Essence stepped in and nudged my intuitive self. I’d been discussing the various permutations of why “truth” isn’t the end-all and be-all of truth most of the [...]

Seeing Me

Today, a poem written by a very old and infirm man, which was discovered after his death in the hospital, is once again circulating online. It gives great food for thought, not only about his particular circumstances, but of the circumstances of each of us.

Cranky Old Man….. What do you see nurses? . . [...]

Validating Michael through Popular Culture

Over the past few years, I’ve become quite habituated to watching Major League Baseball (MLB) during the day and evening. It’s hard to describe my level of fandom as it’s not particularly passionate nor focused on any single team all that much. When the Seattle Mariners are playing AND winning, I’ll watch them. When the [...]

Manifesting Power and utilizing it effectively

Today, we had another Open Michael Workshop (OMW,) channeled by Troy Tolley. The subject was look at how the Expression term of POWER is utilized by each Role, Casting, Mode, and one can extrapolate its use within groups, such as Configurations and Support. Remember, everyone makes a quartet of each triad of Support by holding [...]

Validating a past life

As I’ve discussed previously, I’m always in search of an Epiphany with regards to validating Michael in some tangible or concrete way. This is the purpose of this blog — to validate the truth of Michael. I’ve been somewhat unrelenting in applying alternate perspectives to try and achieve a solid sense of knowing. I’ve been [...]