Choice is NOW

Sometime during the past couple of years, Michael said something that was profound enough that I couldn’t forget it, even if I can’t find the transcript at this time: Choice is another word for NOW. I’ve let that float along in the back of my mind, periodically pulling it out to re-examine it but not [...]

Validating Michael and Troy through Consistency

My memory doesn’t function a whole lot better than most other peoples. I’ve read and reread quite a few articles since working with the Library project, especially. One thing that has validated both Michael and Troy’s work to me are “consistencies.” Consistencies are small snippets of information that are not generally known, are overlooked, rarely [...]

Validating My Ex’s Overleaves

My last posting was about validating the Equality of Relationship Agreements, focusing especially on my long term marriage to George. I’d put off getting much information on him for a number of reasons. I think part of it had to do with figuring out who I was once I let go of him in just [...]

Validating Relationship Agreements

Today, I received some channeling from Michael through Troy that I can easily validate. I was requesting expanded information on “Equality in Relationships,” both definitions and how it applied to the most important relationship I’ve had in this life — the one with my ex-husband, George. Additionally, I received an answer that was both totally [...]

Politics and poverty

For the past several months, much of my thinking and research has focused on others’ different realities or perspectives. I’ve been in nearly full observation mode, very detached. While I’ve spent an abnormal amount of my time on Republican politics and current events in general, few things are triggering me as they once would have. [...]