All Original Transcripts Have Been Released

Thirty-eight years ago, a group of spiritually-inclined people in the San Francisco Bay Area were playing around with a Ouija Board and began their first contact with a series of non-physical beings, Soleal, Tomas, and Michael Entity. They had started channeling. Since they were using a Ouija Board, someone had to keep written notes, which [...]

Validating Michael through learning

One of the more difficult aspects of validating anything is the level that an individual is at in terms of personal knowledge. There is no such thing as “one size fits all” when it comes to information. We accept it with children — beginning school years deal with the fundamentals or the tools that will [...]

If you want to know, ask a question.

One thing that Michael has reiterated repeatedly is that they will not volunteer information, we must ask questions. When I first became interested in Michael during late 2006, I didn’t have any extra jingle at the time; so, I depended upon the internet for all of my exploration of Michael. I searched out websites, went [...]

Turmoil causes re-evaluation

I’ve taken a small pause as I ran out of steam on addressing belief systems directly; however, the pause allowed some events to take place that pushed me to reexamine some of my own belief systems. The East Coast Michael event at Claymont took place, Stephen Cocconi’s public release of information about “The Consortium” has [...]

Validating channels

One of the primary issues with validating Michael lies with the need to validate the channel who is supposedly delivering the Michael material. At what point does the channel fall far enough in consistency with either their own work or with others work to be deemed “problematic?” Naturally, this is a discernment that each student [...]