A Major Point of Validation

As I’ve discussed numerous times, and in fact the title of this blog, I’m on a neverending question for Validating Michael. I allow my Attitude of Idealist slide to Skeptic whenever I’m reading and thinking about Michael. It takes a lot to “prove” that something intangible can still have substance. And, I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that validating Michael, their existence, and their information will come from rather small incidents of synchronicity, rather than huge globally rending ones.

As I’ve let this blog slide due to a combination of different other interests and a dormant period of simply observing, it’s time to post something new about a moment of validation.

Back in January, 2008, I received the following about my daughter, SCB:

The Four Pillars or Truths:

LIFE TASK/True Work: “to redefine concepts of security”

TRUE REST: observing fractured light; star gazing; sky watching; falling asleep in arm chair

TRUE PLAY: dream exploration; word games; races/racing

TRUE STUDY: dreams; astronomy/astrology; candle-making; calendars

BODY TYPE: Venusian/Lunar/Solar

Due to unforeseen circumstances, this was long ago forgotten by both SCB and myself. We weren’t even sure whether or not the 4 Pillars had ever been channeled. In fact, Michael remembered giving them, even if we didn’t:

[MEntity] The Life Tasks for these fragments have already been given; correct?
[GeraldineB] I don’t have them and neither does she
[GeraldineB] I’ve not requested full profiles and the previous “basic” didn’t include them
[MEntity] We will deliver those, then.
[MEntity] For the fragment known as SCB, we would describe the
Life Task something like “to transform her ideals about security and trust.” This would be a part of her True Work.
True Rest would include suggestions such as watching the effects of prisms, observing the night sky, observing the sky, in general, and falling asleep in a favorite spot that is not the bed;
True Play would include dream interpretation, word puzzles, and some sense of competition, or competitive challenges;
True Study would include, again, dreams, actual astronomy, but also astrology, craft-making as a hobby, and the methods of various civilizations for measuring time.
[MEntity] Body Types here would be Venusian (44%), Mercurial (35%), and Saturnian (11%) for SCB
This is actually a huge point of validation from several aspects. One, it validates the ongoing relationship that Michael develops with their students. Two, with consistent channeling information does stand the “test of time.” And, three, the information is “spot on.”
And, while it can be difficult to validate any particular channel, I would say that whomever Troy IS channeling, it has been consistent over time.

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  • Maureen

    Geraldine — this is some mighty fine validation. With there being no actual time, beyond the physical plane, it’s likely Michael just told you this information, for the first time, yesterday. Perhaps you are validating more than Michael. :)

  • ViP

    So cool!! :-) Although the body types changed a bit, the rest was totally consistent – and you said it was also spot on. Every little bit of validation adds up!

  • Suzie

    Thank you again. Love the validation. Was even fun to compare my life in 2008 verses current. And the updated yet same channel. Pretty Awesome. Thank you Michaels for the all knowing and care. Love and light

  • Suzie, you mske a really good point — the change in yourself during the 7 year timespan. We’ve been told that other than Life Task, all of the other Pillars are reflected of Personality as it exists, and because of this are subject to change.

  • I love it when this type of validation happens! Unless Troy is a mastermind and can pull up the appropriate past files on people in an instant so that he can make sure he gives consistent info all the time, there is definitely something “above” and “beyond” going on here! I think any students who have stuck around with Troy/Michael have had this type of consistent validation over time.

  • DianeHB

    Really cool validation, G! Although I don’t think the pillars change quite that often since Michael also said they are things we’ve enjoyed doing over other lifetimes.

  • Diane — I think I quoted “old” information from NancyG or maybe TalyaaL — there are some really old and non-reinforced pieces of data swimming around in my head. I don’t remember Michael saying that through Troy.

  • Maureen

    FROM MICHAEL via Troy:

    ALL “Trues” evolve over lifetimes of experience, and eventually tend to settle toward a short list of forms. Pillars of Vitality tend to have the widest range of form, and Pillars of Transformation can tend toward a refinement of one to three forms.

    • Maureen

      I just found this. FROM MICHAEL via Troy:

      All “Trues” are relative to the current Personality and its relationship with Essence, Others, and Life. “Trues” are not static, even within a lifetime. “Trues” are assessed as a collection of factors that include the history of Essence in other Bodies (past lives), the original intent of the Essence for the lifetime, and the current intent of the Personality. Considering all of these factors helps to generate a self-sustaining matrix through which both Essence and Personality can function and manifest within the Physical Plane.

  • Maureen — Thank you a lot for finding this. It really clarifies the topic.

  • Maxim

    I did not see any mention of whether any of the information was validated by your daughter.

  • Maxim — My third item was that the information is “spot on.” This is validated by my daughter. My mindset is to validate as far as *I* can. How I can validate something or what types of thinking I apply to it. I tend to not going into others’ personal reflections. It would be up her to publish. Sure, I know her well enough to know that quite a bit was “her;” however, she confirmed several of the odder aspects — such as not falling asleep in bed. The only aspect she can’t validate as yet is anything to do with “crafting,” whether it be candlemaking or anything else.

  • Maxim

    Excellent. For the discriminating soul what I heard when I read “spot on” was that was your take.

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