Validating is more than fact-checking

I’ve discussed validation from multiple perspectives, but today, I hit on one I’d not contemplated previously. I was doing my usual quick response to a discussion thread and Essence stepped in and nudged my intuitive self. I’d been discussing the various permutations of why “truth” isn’t the end-all and be-all of truth most of the time. There are very few universal truths that truly span the universe. And, most that are part of our human experience are incomplete. There is always “more” to know that completes a better representation of a truth. I wrote: “We don’t validate only to figure out the “truth” of a statement, but to understand the bigger picture that underlies it. It’s a type of meditation to understand more. Validation can be very Zen-like.”

While validation includes “proofs,” or facts to verify, it also includes resonance from within, an inner knowing that’s based on other things one knows. But, the longer one focuses on a particular statement, the more one realizes that it doesn’t stand alone. There is more that either supports or negates it. One may not know what this missing information might be, but this is why one then expands on wanting to know more. Major discoveries have been made by an unending quest to know more.

An example might be when Michael gave me my four “Trues,” way back in 2007 during my very first session:

LIFE TASK/True Work: “to draw soft conclusions”
TRUE REST: true stillness and silence; listening to intricate sounds; witnessing/expressing compassion
TRUE STUDY: human behavior; personality patterns; cooking/recipes; definitions
TRUE PLAY: flaunting flaws; flirting; getting loud; letting loose; contradiction

I’ve been working to validate these ever since. On the surface, many were easily validatable. Life Task took a whole lot more. True Rest has an odd juxtaposition between non-interaction and interaction. True Study seemed incomplete, and eventually I was able to add to it. True Play is quite “Sagey,” but is it play?

My Life Task didn’t become resonant until I had a couple of Michael Workshops that dealt with various Personality traits, and included a Self Karma of “To always be right.” Suddenly, I understood my Life Task through a prism of self-knowledge that went back to early childhood. Part of “always being right,” is adhering to a very narrow focus of what the “truth” is. One immediately loses a sense of rightness once a truth expands into a broader spectrum of information. That’s where “drawing soft conclusions” begins.

I could probably write an entire essay on discoveries I’ve made about my Life Task, but most of them are probably only applicable to me and my experiences. Everyone has a Life Task that they planned to work on and it will always be more than it seems.

True Rest has become more relevant as I’ve gone full circle in musical tastes and am back in “classical” music, as well as some Indian sitar music. I’ve also developed a taste for “Renaissance” music, particularly the chansons of one of my prior selves, Janequin  Clement. He was one of two French composers who influenced music from England to Italy.  They were the first to compose “popular” music that wasn’t religiously based and also invented the “round” style of singing.

Also, I find  lute music to be very restful. As for the compassion aspect, I’m still not sure how that plays out as being restful; but, maybe it simply soothes the spirit and allows me to be more accepting. It needs more validation on a deeper level.

Based on both my penchant for the type of questions that I ask Michael, and my ongoing Project, I would definitely have to add “History” to True Study.

True Play only works when it includes laughter. . . .lots of laughter.

These are simply examples of statements that were made about me that were only partially true on the surface. It’s required time and intuitive monitoring to reveal secondary and tertiary traits that apply. My Life Task is what allowed me to let go of a lot of my “baggage” and finish processing my 5th Internal Monad.



4 comments to Validating is more than fact-checking

  • Maureen

    Geraldine –

    “True Play only works when it includes laughter. . . .lots of laughter.”

    I wholeheartedly agree. I wish that everyone, who we know and love, had the pleasure of hearing your hearty laugh. What a treat it would be. :) Laughter truly is the best medicine.


  • Claire Christensen

    Geraldine, I like how you’ve broken this all down, very scholarly. :)

    It’s true that getting a Report from Michael is just words until you take the time to find out what it really means in your life; in how, after several years of studying the Teachings, you can now interpret and apply these words to the real “you”, and most of all how all of this has improved your perspective and quality of life.

    Better understanding “the big picture”, piece by piece, brings so much inner peace. :-)

  • Claire Christensen

    BTW, I just checked out your works as Clement Janequin. Very interesting music. I giggled at the fact that you became a Catholic priest and spent so much time in cathedrals. :D

  • Janequin kinda grows on one. Very unusual to all of our currents tastes in music. Yeah — a priest writing secular music. :)

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