The Process of Becoming a Non-true Believer

One of my themes over the past few years of introspection is that as I’ve accepted that “true” beliefs and “true” truths weren’t very true. At the very most they were partial truths and some were outright untruths. This was all a part of examining Michael’s statements about the differences between Absolute, Global, and Personal truths. It has also been a part of the introspective examination that we do to complete the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Internal Monads.  It’s provided me a framework to work on my primary existing Self Karma of “to always be right,” and then for my Life Task of “to draw soft conclusions.”

It’s not really all that difficult to begin adding the mental caveat to just about anything that one focuses on, “I don’t know. I don’t know enough.” It takes that hard edge off of just about all thinking when one realizes that we simply do not have all of the facts. Anyone who has ever taken an ethics class knows how quickly very subtle differences can emerge about hard and fast absolute statements of morality when one realizes that extenuating circumstances will alter a stance.

One of the favorites is “Thou shalt not kill.” Seems simple enough. Jains take this maxim to extreme levels, including wearing breathing masks and sweeping the ground in front of themselves as they walk in order to avoid inadvertently killing an insect. But, it’s not so difficult to realize that to stay alive one MUST kill something else. It’s part of the ongoing argument that occurs between vegetarians and omnivores, as eventually one has to recognize that eating anything requires the death of something else.  This is even true of those who only eat fruits and nuts, which are technically not the plant itself. But, each of these items is the “next generation” of the plant to give renewed life, too.

Michael has been very adamant that everything has consciousness, from an atom on up to a rock, to a plant, to an animal, even to a planet or a sun. If we use consciousness to define “life,” then everything is alive. Even if the lifeform is something that is killing itself in order to live — the sun. It is up to each of us to make rational choices and decide how extreme we want to take the statement of “Thou Shalt Not Kill,” but kill we must to live.

This is an example of a truth that can be personal or global, but it cannot be absolute. As all life is in a cycle of creation and destruction.  This is an example that is easily comprehended as being part of something that is vastly more complex than initially thought. All of our interactions with others is similarly complex.

As a baby, we are taught a whole series of “truths” that are deemed to be absolute until we learn to examine them over time. But, no two people have exactly the same imprinting, not even siblings within the same family. This is because along with the verbal imprinting, we are also experiencing life. This overlays subtle differences to the verbal training, moving statements made by parents, relatives, schools, and communities into “knowledge.” Many comedians have made their careers out of examining these imprinted truths into laughter-producing statements that prove “untruth.” George Carlin was especially good at this.

One of my latest research topics has been in the world of politics, especially U.S. politics. I’ve been profoundly affected by all of the various revelations with regards to what I call the “secret” or shadow government. The one where laws are written so as to be secret–one is not even allowed to reveal the law exists. Therefore, if a congressional person wants to amend or change it, they cannot as they are not allowed to discuss it. Interesting dilemma. Similarly, a “secret” court was created, FISA, that hands out rulings with regards to those secret laws, but none of these rulings become public knowledge.  Through this federal court, rulings have been made that have expanded the power of the USA PATRIOT Act, which means that we don’t KNOW what these powers truly are. Since both political parties have been involved in the evolving of these laws and policies, I deem them to be both equally culpable.

I just wish that ONE of the Senators had chosen to break silence on these issues prior to Edward Snowden’s revelations. I would like to see the highly public trial of a U.S. Senator over giving classified information to the press.  Or even a H.R. member. But, the truth is, NO ONE did. Not even batty blabber-mouth Michelle Bachmann, or curmudgeonly Ron Paul.

An example of the level of the secrecy on the entire spectrum of Shadow Government would be the Texas Cryptologic Center. It’s located in San Antonio, TX. This is one of several “top secret” data gathering facilities that no one knows much about. There is one in Utah, Hawaii, George, Texas, and the rather well known headquarters of the NSA in Maryland at Fort Mead. All are attached to military facilities. Try doing a search on the TX Center and you’ll only get back 7 unique hits. That’s about as close to invisible as one can get on the internet.

What all of these ongoing revelations have done to me is that I’ve lost a major chunk of my belief system with regards to both the United States, itself, how it governs, how it handles the Constitution, and how two so highly partisan political parties who cannot even pass the most simple of legislation managed to create this monstrosity of secrecy and surveillance and not ONE has broken so-called “radio silence.” It took an idealist young man to blow the thing wide open.

My innocence took a major hit this past month. But, still, I would rather have the knowledge than not. Theory is only good in fairy tales.



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