Reveal and Revelation = Validation

Over the past couple of years, two words keep reappearing in answers to questions I’ve had about either my own fragment’s life to date, or even Essence’s evolution to date: Reveal and Revelation. Today, I went in search of several postings I’ve made on TLE and on VM, and each led to another as a pattern was “revealed,” which appears to be highly relevant as a theme to me/Essence specifically. Even so, I think I’m still nibbling around the edges of it more than understanding its implications; although, I may be on the edge of understanding something far bigger than any single lifetime. And, I suspect this type of pattern is true for all of “us.” Finding the key word(s) for a theme that has been part of the entire Grand Cycle.

That opening paragraph was written two days ago with a specific intent on what I planned to say; however, I was sidetracked into a whole series of articles on mythology and this lay dormant. Tonight, it all came together, but in an entirely unexpected way.  I had one of those epiphanies that tied material I’d read back in the 60s with material I studied at the University of Washington with channeling I received from Michael on Monday.  It is all part of one big theme for me, a synchronicity that transitions nearly 50 years of what was once totally unrelated subjects and now is simply the “why” of the Project.  The pattern that’s become my Life Task.

Back in the 60s, I was dabbling around in what was then called “the Occult” in terms of what was in that book section in bookstores. We’d now call it New Age. This is where I found the slowly growing offerings of everything from Astrology to Numerology to Psychic Phenomenon, books about Edgar Cayce, the Urantia BookOahspe, James Churchward’s books on Mu, Ignatius Donnelly’s reprint on “Atlantis, the Antediluvian World,” Jeanne Dixon’s books, and even eventually that’s where “Chariot of the Gods” showed up, too. I found both two-volume reprints of the Theosophy Society’s Helena Blavatsky’s “Isis Unveiled,” and “Secret Doctrine,” both of which are also available with many other works on the Theosophy Society website. That’s where books on non-Christian religions were also kept, such as Buddhism and Taoism, and the books on I-Ching. In short it was the grab-bag section where anything that didn’t fit any traditional category was placed. Eventually, that’s where I found Jane Roberts’ Seth books, too. At the time, very few of these types of books were collected by libraries, but the Occult section steadily expanded as what became the New Age movement took off in an explosion of interest. It’s where I would have found “Messages from Michael,” if I’d not veered off into mostly Science Fiction.

As I mentioned on a TLE discussion earlier today, the Blavatsky books were both profoundly intriguing to me; although, so dense that I couldn’t just sit down and read them from beginning to end. I did my usual hop around, read a chapter until something caused me to use the Index and veer elsewhere — rather like using the internet today and links. If I were to give her books a description it would have been a mix of comparative mythology and religion; although, at the time I really had no idea what incredible scholarship was involved in creating those books. She and the organization she helped found has left a major legacy for me to utilize now that I’m doing the Project.

When I made the decision to “go back to school” during the mid-80s, once I got through my various survey and mandatory classes, my interest in history became one of my majors. However, and this is really weird, because my husband, George, was very interested in his Norwegian heritage, I took a whole series of Scandinavian classes once I hit the UW, such as Scandinavian history, mythology, literature, folk tales, etc. In large part because I would then tell him about it. He’s dyslexic and really cannot read well at all. I didn’t think I had a personal interest in the subjects, but I thoroughly enjoyed them, nonetheless. I also took classes on religions, too, along with parallel history of those cultures, i.e., Medieval European history along with the History of Christianity, Indian history along with Hindu religion classes, Chinese History along with a class on Taoism, etc. Looking back, I see that my inclinations for knowing something more in depth on a broader theme was well in place. And, once I received my BA in History, I went to Library School for a Master’s.

And, then, it all seemed to come to a screeching halt. For a variety of reasons once I received my MLS, I wasn’t able to actually work in libraries and became a modern quilt artist — go figure. And went on to work in tech support for an internet provider.

Then, I met Michael in 2006. The more I read everything Michael, the more I dealt with a much bigger spiritual picture as well as one that stabilized me emotionally. I became more involved with Troy and as a result of that small topics that interested me became bigger topics that interested me until I’ve been focusing almost exclusively on a history of humans that spans 6 million years of development: The Project.  My most recent channeling session revealed the following:

[MEntity] The concept that we refer to as a “template” helps to carry forth the stories that package the Truth, Love, and Energy.

[MEntity] For example, “the Sun God” was referred to by many names, and various non-physical teachers used those templates for teaching, but that can only be done if in compliance with the core of that template generated by an Infinite Soul.

[MEntity] The same is true of “Jesus” now.

[MEntity] Templates are very difficult to use since they come plagued with projections, but those projections are from the stories handed down, and while it may be difficult for a teacher to work through those, it does keep the stories alive for carrying forth the core Truth, Love, or Energy.

[MEntity] In your case, or in the case of your Essence and various Personalities (and of others who shared in the Task), the Task was taken on to carry these stories forward through various methods that included the very things represented by these literal Muses: through epic poetry, archiving, love stories, song, drama, reverence, comedy, looking to the “stars.”

[MEntity] The “myth-building” is done through teaching one’s own teaching within the templates.

[MEntity] Your inclination was for history and archiving, so it was easy to include the details of the other Muses/Infinite Soul themes.

[MEntity] For some who had an inclination toward the dramatic in life, only teachings related to “tragedy” could really be functional, but history was inclusive.

[MEntity] It was not described as “history” in the same way that one might think of it now, but more in terms of “remembering.” Your teachings emphasized remembering. This was far more meaningful and personal, rather than a matter of revisiting the past.

[GeraldineB] Comment: I was researching old myths, religions, and history when I came across the information for the Michael Teachings in Wikipedia back in 2006. 

[MEntity] We are not surprised.

[MEntity] This continues to be true of the current incarnation, in that “history” is explored in terms of its meaningfulness, not just for the sake of data.

[GeraldineB] yes, very much so

[MEntity] There is a subtle process of matching memory with details.

[MEntity] These memories are not necessarily of the brain, but of the Instinctive Center, and can be ancient.

[GeraldineB] Two of my favorite online chat nicknames have been Metis and Inanna — neither of which is particularly well known or popular in current mythic knowledge

[MEntity] This was the point of “Clio,” and part of the point of the Infinite Soul incarnations that included the teachings regarding history and archiving. Data is meaningless without context, meaning. “You” taught that true history must go beyond the perspective of those who have archived it, shared it, etc, but must be measured against the subtle intuitions of the Instinctive Center.

[MEntity] This is why the Arts are so important: they help to activate the holistic state of the mix of data, memory, and meaning.  Or Math, Memory, and Meaning.

[GeraldineB] Is this type of history fairly true of all of the other Essences who were involved in the earliest beginnings and transfer?

[MEntity] No, Geraldine, this inclination toward the teachings personified by the “Muses” is a matter of personal interest of you, your Essence, and the various other Personalities.

Tonight, I was reading on the Theosophy site and came across The Masks of Odin: Wisdom of the Ancient Norse, by Elsa-Brita Titchenell. This is a very key piece of work that translates the Edda with the insights of Theosophy and the biggest picture of all — a Grand Cycle. This is part of the mythology that Michael was describing that is far older in time that has carried the same message across the generations.

There is no way at any point along the way that I could have said that all of my various interests could be summed up so neatly as to “who I am.”  Perhaps, it’s a good illustration that no matter what you think you are doing, what you think you are planning, there really is a bigger picture that is influencing you in ways you simply will not recognize until you get much further down the path. Hundreds and thousands of choices later you suddenly know: this is exactly what I need to be doing. The revelation happens.  How can I not validate Michael? I validate myself.





6 comments to Reveal and Revelation = Validation

  • Maureen

    Geraldine, even quilting is a great metaphor for you, as you stitch history together in a way that expresses Truth, Love and of course Energy (patterns).

    I think this quote is highly informative of you, as you intermix, “braid in” or weave your own intuition in with the intellect, as you create your own Life Tapestry, as Geraldine. You are your own best work of art, yet. :)

    [MEntity] There is a subtle process of matching memory with details.

    [MEntity] These memories are not necessarily of the brain, but of the Instinctive Center, and can be ancient.

    [MEntity] This was the point of “Clio,” and part of the point of the Infinite Soul incarnations that included the teachings regarding history and archiving. Data is meaningless without context, meaning. “You” taught that true history must go beyond the perspective of those who have archived it, shared it, etc, but must be measured against the subtle intuitions of the Instinctive Center.

  • maxim

    Rewriting Forrest Gump… Essence is as essence does. Makes more sense of who you are Ms G. in your dance of patterns revealing patterns.

  • Maxim and Maureen — You both have no idea how much I appreciate your comments. I know that very few manage to read through the entirety of my postings. Some start and then wander off; most don’t even start. This doesn’t really bother me as I’m really aware that piqued interest is the culmination of so many other factors, and it simply does not happen uniformly for everyone, even though we may share some common interests. But, still, I AM a Sage, and I need an audience of some. Maybe not a crowd, but a handful of people who are willing to tune in and listen. And, more importantly, have a deep enough background of their own to understand the things I grapple with.

    Maxim, the more you know of my background, the more you realize that I’ve fought the same battle — making sense of who I am. It’s not that all of these individual aspects are in conflict with one another, but more that they don’t make sense in terms of 1 + 1 = 2 type of methodology. UNTIL one takes a really long view and realizes that there was a pattern of 1 + 1 + 1 = 3. It just wasn’t obvious at points along the way. Even my veer off to Science Fiction plays a role in this overall pattern.

    When the younger people were discussing issues of making “important” plans and life choices that would bring them to their Life Task, I couldn’t get across the idea: Just live your life. Make your choices. It all will work out. You WILL end up exactly where you need to be. I’m living proof that it really doesn’t matter what you THINK you’re doing. It doesn’t really matter if you think you’ve “screwed the pooch.” You might have. But, it might be an important step in understanding self.

    Thanks for being witnesses.


  • mike s

    Thank you Geraldine. You are living/validating and expressing the Michael chiasmus about learning and choice. I find it very comforting. You pointed out to me that Essence doesn’t give a toss what we do, as long as we do it & although that sounded impenetrably cruel at the time, I’m starting to understand it, now. It has a beautifully calming effect on me. :)

    • Thank you, Mike. Yes, it’s taken me a while to grasp that the freedom to make choices is precisely that. I think it’s part of our conditioning to expect that someone or something will “take care of us.” But, what happens is that part of the equation of being taken care of means that one must successfully fulfill someone else’s expectations. We must be “good” or the support will be denied. We might even be punished. This is part of our parental imprinting, and if indoctrinated in religion, it’s part of that, too. It’s definitely part of participating in any institution, whether it’s school, work, or being a citizen. This conditioning becomes such a major part of our belief systems that it’s probably the last thing to ease up. Every time we “fail,” our CFs are triggered. An inner dynamic is set up that can be triggered on a moment’s notice whenever we fail to meet our own expectations of whatever it means to be “good.”

      Once we meet up with a teacher such as Michael, we transfer this series of expectations to our Essence. What does IT want us to be or do? Will it help us if we muff things? Will our Guides intercede on our behalf?

      Probably one of the most impacting series of statements I’ve read in recent channeling is that the Internal Monads are about remembering. Our lives are about being part of Essence’s remembering. As the Soul Age levels are completed, the more Essence “remembers.” Not quite the omniscient image we have for why Spark engages in Grand Cycles. Experience leads to remembering.

      I’m not quite sure why Spark “leaves” Tao if all it does it try to remember in order to return. LOL One of the mysteries of the universe that seems to be limited by perception and language.

  • Moonfeather

    I do read all your blogs and they are always well written! I don’t respond because they seem complete within themselves.

    Just wanted you to know

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