Ongoing Thoughts about Revelations

Today’s topic is going to incorporate three different perspectives about “reveal vs hidden.” Recent revelations from Edward Snowden about some very Top Secret NSA and government programs have caused many of us to think of personal privacy from an entirely different perspective and have evoked a fair amount of fear. Additionally, privacy, as a concept, as been receiving more scrutiny from a Mature Soul Age viewpoint. And, then, there is my own theme with my concurrents of Revelations.

I’m going to start with a Michael concept — a loss of need for privacy as one moves into Mature and Old Soul Ages. The primary reason we keep secrets and hide past incidents is due to a sense of Shame. We may hide a secret from someone else due to their sense of shame, or hoard our own secrets due to shame. All shame derives from the fears found in the Chief Features. On some deep level we feel we will lose love from others if they were to know of our past. Plus, we don’t love ourselves while feeling ashamed, either.

As Essence evolves, its fragments or Personalities are able to move past shame more easily. Fewer secrets are maintained. Many of us feel we’re open books for the most part, as long as we trust those who are within our circle. Of course, we open to more vulnerability and intimacy the further along we move into the Internal Monads and positive poles. The fears are triggered less often and less intensely the more we’re in a conscious connection to Essence. After all, Essence does know all about us.

Well, maybe not know all about us, but we can hide nothing from Essence permanently. We may refuse to have a conscious connection during the lifetime; but, that false security is gone once we pass over. Nor can we really control our dreams all that well. Dreams are one of our connection points for contact with our Guides and Essence.

Once we accept that we are loved unconditionally and can do nothing “wrong,” at least with Essence and Guides, we are on the way to accepting ourselves with clarity.

Edward Snowden’s revelations weren’t 100% “new” for many; however, the sheer level and volume of the surveillance by the NSA was a bit overwhelming for many of us. We’re not all that trusting of “government” in its many guises. This lack of trust is based on experience, not just outright paranoia. Especially for those of us who are history or political buffs, we know of enough instances where the unfettered power of government has turned around and bit its citizens. And, some of it quite recently.

Personally, I mistrust any LAW that is deemed Top Secret and cannot be discussed in any form; nor the warrants issued against citizens by a Federal Court being deemed classified so that the person(s) being scrutinized under that warrant have no idea that they are the object of surveillance.

I don’t want any of my private documents to be open to government surveillance, whether it’s emails, medical records, tax records, etc. Privacy has some very clear lines drawn on what is unacceptable. Similarly, I doubt that banks and financial institutions are willing to open their networks up to government surveillance, especially as a general ongoing practice.

I’ve not forgotten J. Edgar Hoover and his dossiers, the ones he kept on public figures and elected officials and used quite frequently to blackmail them. The excuse was “communism.” Today it’s “terrorists.” Tomorrow, it may be non-Christians. I’ve not forgotten the lynch mob mentality of the 50s about communism: the trials, the blacklisting, etc. I’ve not forgotten the segregation and Jim Crow laws throughout the South. Those citizens were deeply abused by the unfettered power of their governments.

Race or ethnic clothing/dress has no privacy. And, our country has a long history of mistreating those who are different. The LGBTs know this. That’s why many have been or are still “in the closet.” So, fear of too much governmental scrutiny has real roots.

Perhaps, I’m more affected and interested by these revelations due to the theme of Revelations for my concurrents and me.  Michael said:

[Geraldine] I would like you to expand on the meaning of the term “Global Revelation,” and how, in particular examples of how it has shown up in my life.

[MEntity] Though there are no dates, and no specific shifts, there are certain pivotal experiences that any sentient species will experience together as a revelation, and this has been anticipated as being a part of the transition into the 21st Century by most fragments for a long time. This is part of the reason for the peak in population, which would most likely show a drastic drop between 2050-2100. [06/05/2011]

[MEntity] This anticipated drop in population tends to indicate a pattern of revelation before 2050*. [06/05/2011]

True, they went on to discuss that the revelation might be:

[MEntity] The most “obvious” revelation that we can see as having the highest probability is “disclosure” of your species’ “alien” heritage and contact, which has come close to being clarified on a number of occasions for the past 200 years or so.

[MEntity] In that regard, you, along with your concurrents, share a fascination, interest, and study regarding origin of species to some degree.

However, I think that current events of our time as the turmoil of changing Soul Ages for the Global population occurs, that there will be MANY revelations about the secret doings of organizations and governments. I wouldn’t be surprised that my interest in the various conspiracy theories, the Anonymous Occupy/hacking movement, and people such as Julian Assange and Edward Snowden are part of  “revelations.”

As Michael has said on several occasions, there is a pitched battle going on between those refusing to let go of their traditional paradigms and those pushing for change, or recognizing change. We’re going through an extended tipping point between the cultural excesses of the Young Soul Age and recognition that our planet is in deep trouble due to these excesses, part of the impinging Mature Soul Age.

While I don’t believe in Biblical “Revelations,” I do accept that I have a deep and abiding interest in revelations.


*The last date I know of that’s been given for the manifestation of the Infinite Soul is for around 2034. This would not only cause revelations, but would likely expand the turmoil already present. Hence 2050 being a pivotal time.




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  • maxim

    It seems to help me to have a longer or wider view. So many conversations I have are based on “this should be done” or “this shouldn’t be done” with no acknowledgment of the evolutionary context. It is a reactive this-is-the-way-it-is-supposed-to-be.

    The visual I have is the fulcum point on a seesaw or teeter totter slowly moving so that the end representing the collaboration of the mature soul age becomes the end with the most weight, the most gravitas, which then up ends the younger soul age’s control and domination memes. The establishment howls at the danger and damage of all the revelations, never giving voice to the value of the openness and truth revealed. I heard that in Bradley Maning’s court martial the defense will not be allowed to present evidence that no harm was caused.

    I can easily imagine a state down the line where the question of secrets and privacy is answered with, “That’s what they used to care about a long time ago when they had national boundaries and armies.” It wouldn’t be an issue. Trust becomes an intrinsic part of the art of relating and creating.

    The acknowledgement of our extraterrestrial forbears and cousins and the arrival of the infinite soul in some ways are traps of hope and salvation that distract one from living in the present. Though it would be a great homecoming in either case.

  • Maxim, you touch on several different issues; however, so did I. Yes, I am in a very distinct “place” following the finishing of both my 4th and 5th IMs in positive poles a few years ago. My Life Task has kicked into high gear (will be covering this more in a planned discussion on the 5th IM). The teeter totter analogy is apt; although, as we know the Mature Soul Age isn’t just the 1st Level. It will continue onwards long after both of us are gone.

    As for the trials for both Manning and Snowden, since both include classified information, the public element will be strongly curtailed. These trials will remind us far more of either the Soviet Union or China’s handling of these issues. This is turn will cause a building public outcry.

    While I realize that many are looking for outside intervention to save us, I don’t view either as being particular relevant. As Michael said, there was intervention on Chernobyl, but there wasn’t on Fukushima as a “tough love” type of mentality is now in place. Or, “learn from your choices.” I think Extraterrestrials have their own form of the Darwin Awards. LOL

    As for the Infinite Soul, it is both part of the evolution of Essence, and an accompaniment to the disasters that have plagued humans. The Logos is not designed to “save” anyone, but designed to reiterate a truth to all consciousness on the planet. Apparently, the Buddha and Christ IS manifested to avert an outcome of the change from Baby to Young Soul Ages — in some parallels where neither manifested, humans even went extinct or are still in a deep dark age. So, in a sense I guess it’s “saving” humanity; however, it’s hardly unicorns farting sparkles.

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