Manifesting Power and utilizing it effectively

Today, we had another Open Michael Workshop (OMW,) channeled by Troy Tolley. The subject was look at how the Expression term of POWER is utilized by each Role, Casting, Mode, and one can extrapolate its use within groups, such as Configurations and Support. Remember, everyone makes a quartet of each triad of Support by holding the Power position for each.  Power is inherent in each Role and therefore in each individual, no matter where one exists in the socio-economic scheme of things.

We tend to categorize those with”power” as those in positions of authority only, in fact we whimsically refer to them as “The Powers That Be,” or TPTB. However, in adult sexual “games” of Dominance/submission, it is recognized that the one in submission truly holds the power. They control the game. When there is a newborn in the household, who controls the entire household? One would think it MUST be the parents, until they’ve lived with a baby. How many have adopted a puppy or a kitten? How quickly those tiny mewling creatures take over a household.

There is always choice, even in the most grievous and violent of situations. Britain’s power seemed absolute in India. And, they certainly had backed it up with massacres and slaughters. But, Gandhi knew that there was a point where they would not go. Who had the Power then? We watched in awe when Egypt’s people took over the square in Cairo. It was an ultimatum: kill us all or set us free. The government fell.  Would Syria be locked in a violent battle to the death for their country if the “people” had been able to stick with non-violence? It’s too late to know, now.  This is the basic flaw in the thinking of those who feel that the 2nd Amendment in the Constitution will protect them from an all-powerful Government. It will always be the sheer numbers that determine the fate, not the weapons. Government fire back when fired upon.

But, I digress, all people hold power. How they use it on a day in and day out basis is how well they can exercise their abilities to choose. There is external power and internal power. It always had a form of being expressed, and for people with Roles such as myself, our primary method is through Charisma, or being seen by an audience. Some are more effective than others. Some are charming. Some are bellicose. Some are soapbox drama queens. Others are quietly thoughtful and may use writing. They may use expository or humorous writing, writing aimed at children, storytelling, or even singing.

Long before humans had speech, they had thoughts. They communicated through cording and telepathy. True, it wasn’t complex philosophical dialogues, but of things that mattered: survival in a dangerous world. Even now, not all communication is oral or auditory.  We still use a great deal of body language. Babies learn to read facial expressions long before they understand speech. Parents learn to read baby’s needs long before speech. Public temper tantrums are one of the best examples of expressing outrage, by all Roles. Based on my own memories of my own children, the Sage was the one who figured out cleverness in expression the best, instead of all on frontal attack. She was very good at winsome and pathetic.

However, the most validating aspect of the workshop was that each of us has power. How we express it and  how we perceive it in others is a fundamental trait in all of our social interactions. Power is about control. Power is about choice. Power is our Presence in any given situation.

[MEntity] First, we will clarify what is meant by Power in our teaching, which we think is a meaning that extends to include most uses of the word.

[MEntity] In our teaching, Power is an Expression Axis term.

[MEntity] This is because Power can come from any number of sources and be implemented through any number of methods, but it requires Form, Expression, for it to be in existence.

[MEntity] All terms on the Expression Axis require a move into Form for existence.

[MEntity] Power is a spectrum that describes one’s presence.

[MEntity] The form of any kind of Power can range from between violent oppression that destroys to a quiet lucidity that awakens.


[MEntity] Sages carry within the Power of CHARISMA.

[MEntity] The Power of Charisma is a power of coalescence, of bringing together, of cohesiveness and comphrension among groups.

[MEntity] Or among Parts.

[MEntity] When Charisma is Extracted and dependent, it can show up as MANIPULATION.

[MEntity] Not only would this Power of Charisma be used in a way that manipulates others, but it can also be that the one with Charisma is manipulated.

[MEntity] In order to sustain the Charisma, the Sage will allow or ignore the manipulation to stay in good graces, or will manipulate others as a means to keep them in good graces, if you will.

[MEntity] When the Sage has turned to regenerative Power within, it shows up as GRACE.

[MEntity] This is a Power that comes from consideration, thoughtfulness, and propriety.

[MEntity] When a Sage is Manifesting, then, their Power of Charisma is one that raises the bar for Expression and presence, both within and without.

[MEntity] It allows room for all of the parts, and gives rise to the best of those parts.

[MEntity] When this is Manipulation, it is the forcing together of parts for the appearance of wholeness.


Michael, how much do these descriptions apply to casting as compared to roles in essence?

[MEntity] All of these forms of Power can be accessed to some degree by all, but the correspondance to the Role will describe one’s core Power, while Casting will tend to describe one’s burst Power.

[MEntity] The core Power tends to run as a theme throughout the lifetime, while the burst Power can tend to be what is used for specific situations and scenarios.


How does Power mode relate to the types of power inherent in the roles?

[MEntity] If one has Power as a Mode this a description of how one relates. Our descriptions of inherent Power are not necessarily how one relates, but how one manifests effects.

Recently, I was told, once again, that I intimidate others. It wasn’t said with any sort of meanness or rancor. It was more a statement of fact. It’s one I’ve heard most of my adult life as one of those confessions people make after they’ve known me for a while. “I used to think . . .” Each one was “won over” less by the things I did or didn’t do, but when they were willing to acknowledge their own power. That I wasn’t infringing upon it. I wasn’t trying to control them. And, true, this Charisma thing does have it’s uses. Plus, Power IS from Essence; so, if we open to it, we all have it.

Note: Ordinarily, I would give a link to the transcript where the above quotes come from; however, they are in the only private group on, OMW, which is a membership group.  All seven of the Roles are defined; however, since I’m Sage-casted Sage, I focused on this information.

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