How the Project Has Affected Me

I don’t usually cross post from an active discussion on TLE and into this blog; however, today, I’m making an exception. In part I want some people who are part of one group but unaware of the other group to know about the Project. I’m now comfortable with the material that’s been emerging over the past couple of years about the 6 million year timeline of the human species, its development, its evolution, and its experiences. I’ve been posting it to a group on TLE, “The Fringe.” The Fringe until quite recently was a “must be invited” group, but has now been opened to any TLE member (and I suspect to non-members, too).  However, if it’s not viewable, simply join TLE and I’ll approve the membership ASAP.

Yesterday, I had another two-hour session with Michael and Troy, which is posted under “The Project — The Story of the Lemurians, Atlantis, and the “End of Time” (750,000 to 300,000 BCE).” And, since I’ve not really discussed how much The Project has been changing my belief systems and worldview, it’s time to discuss that.  Since this was a comment to the discussion, it also ties in with others’ comments; but should still be easy to understand.

Part of The Project has included a substantial amount of research to validate some of the channeling, trying to find supporting facts. Surprisingly, I’ve found quite a bit of corroborating information on the current paeleoanthropological record about the various finds that have kept pushing humans further back in time. Although, little of it can corroborate that we were a more intelligent species with civilizations as long ago as 1 million years.  Anyway — here is my take on how my mindset has been changing:

“Truly, I’m astounded by the Lemurian details. We all have run into a whole lot of speculation and/or New Age stuff about Lemuria; however, this is the first very pragmatically told story of who and what they were. And, since they covered a long timespan of earth history, I’m sure there is a great deal more material that is available; however, within the context of The Project, I will probably let go of them, at least for now. They really were a separate timeline from us, although they impinged on us during our Far Eastern incarnations in terms of mythology, religions, philosophy. And, it would appear, that the information Bobby received about the Dolores Cannon material on the Essenes may really have a basis for the Kaloos.

I’m still a bit shell-shocked from yesterday’s session; so, forgive me if I’m a bit disjointed and scattered. I’m still grappling with the enormity of the material, and a lot of details just slip, slide away. I’ve not really discussed how much The Project has affected me personally; however, it’s been a slow-building change to my entire worldview over the past couple of years, one that’s truly become apparent during the past few months.

I’ve asked Eric to become a collaborator with me — to provide some scholarly balance to this project as it grows like a mushroom-shaped cloud on my worldview’s horizon. He did the first outline of The Project that integrated dates, interventions, Infinite Soul manifestations, etc. He’s now working on a new one to incorporate all of the later information on a timeline — one that will help us all. Plus, by giving me feedback in exchanges of questions, we’re pinpointing “missing” information and it’s helping me to decide what things may need a “go-back” over session. And, as we both grapple with the overarcing timeline, it’ll help to shape any book that might arise out of the material.

And, don’t forget, there are at least 2-3 other timelines that we’ve yet to explore. Michael warned me at the beginning that a full history of mankind was not a linear project. Between us we’re someone cobbling together a linear timeline; however, as The Project continues, and with those other timelines, it may get quite confusing. <shrug>  The Lemurians is a case in point. However, since none of us incarnated into their timeline, I’m not going to give it a lot more emphasis. Well, except for that missing Cadre 4 of our Energy Ring – but, none of us ARE part of Cadre 4. Still, when our Energy Ring merges together, it’s going to be a very interesting exchange. Imagine the possibilities. :)

Now, Atlantis. All of us have had a fascination with Atlantis. Quite a few have received information that they’ve had lives as part of Atlantis — but the story has always been told from the end point of its existence, the sinking of Atlantis, and/or the last 30,000 years of its existence in some form or other. It’s not been viewed from the perspective of a series of rises and falls over a 1 million year plus timeline.Or all of the “colonies” that were part of Atlantis over some of those high points. We have little or no evidence of the civilization that existed and fell so badly at the 1 million mark; however, the magic that was Atlantis has continued to endure, at least its later times.

Oscar — based on what Michael said about East vs West, Lemuria was in the Pacific. Also, I’ve seen something elsewhere that put Lemuria on Hawaii. I don’t really know beyond those two snippets.

I do plan on focusing at least one more session on Atlantis to see what I can get in terms of how “we” of Sphere 2 were affected, and most especially Michael in their previous Energy Ring (ER) and then our first three Cadres of our ER. This might give us the foundation for others to then ask for specific lifetimes on Atlantis. Again, since Atlantis seems to be part of our timeline, it’s unlikely that they were a single hominid species. And, NONE of us at that time period were what we call homo sapiens sapiensHomo Erectus emerged after the fall at 1 million years.

This IS one of the most profound things that I’ve been grappling with during The Project: all of the hominid species that according to our science right now would be considered lacking in intelligence, having no culture, no civilization, no “humanity.” It’s why the various “Ancient Astronaut” theories have been so prevalent, because “obviously” no humans could have done those building projects, or flown in aircraft, etc. So, while we have had definite contact with others, such as the “Caretakers,” we actually did do those things!  In our imaginations, Atlanteans have been very “human” — perhaps, even super human, but definitely examples of “modern man.” I hate to disabuse any reader, but frankly, we were still quite different than we appear now.

Although, I will concede that the sudden appearance of modern man or Cro Magnon seems to coincide with the final fall of Atlantis; so, some of that culture may have been on a somewhat different evolutionary track. Will need to ask. Also, most of the time of Atlantis it’s soul age was pretty much Baby and Young. Based on our current opinions of the Young Soul Age, it’s time to remove some of the magic of that time period and recognize that if there were advanced spiritual individuals, they were not the norm, nor were they likely in power. And, that most of their colonies were likely enslaved indigenous peoples. None of us who participated in Atlantis during any time in its long history were Old Souls. We may have been Mature towards the end, but, in all likelihood most of our incarnations into Atlantis were not older soul ages.

As an example, I entered my Young Soul age about the time of the 1 million year pandemic. According to this channeling above, most of us took most of the 300,000 years “off.” So, we would still have been early Youngs at the time of the rise of Atlantis into a full civilization. It was also during this time period when both the 4th and 5th Infinite Souls manifesting, teaching music and an awareness of the past (history) and of the future (imagination). It is also during this time period that the 4th Intervention occurred which expanded the brain case of humans.

If we were to channel our current era 100,000 years from now, what remarkable achievements might be told and would that person want to know about the damage we’ve done to the earth, the pollution, the rampant class differences, the vast difference between those in Somalia and “us”?  So, I take some of these past history details as being very small snippets of a much bigger story.

I was blown away by the discussion of the universes. The synchronicity between the work that Troy has already done on a 3D model for Cadres/Entities (not yet published as it’s not yet finished), the model that Amina constructed at Seven Oaks, the discussions there about 4th Dimension, and even her work in the 5th and 6th dimensions. All of them mathematical constructs of physical existence, not of spiritual planes. It’s worth imagining such things and to maybe let go of some of the spiritual woowoo about 4th and 5th dimensions. We are still creatures of energy, mathematics, and music.

As Bobby said, the longer I stay with the Project, the more humility I get about being human in this time and place. We’ve been a remarkable species with some huge setbacks. I think I’m “proud” of being human, even with all of our flaws. I’m also more willing to view Baby and Young souls as having both negative and positive influences on society as a whole. When one looks at the long long long big picture, it’s all part of the story.”

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  • Nadine

    Great post, Geraldine! And just after reading it, this nice synchronicity happend and a friend of mine posted this on facebook:

  • Suzie

    Awesome. Give more details about Atlantis. Soooo curious

  • Laura M

    Hi Geraldine,

    Well, this inspired me to dig out (and print) the content you sent in March, of your material so far, and to finally read it all (how does life get so busy?). I thought there was a lot – but there is more than double what I remembered. Anyway, how very exciting. What a vast perspective to wrap your brain around – and to share with us all. A book would be marvelous. Thank you for all of your dedicated efforts and continued sharing.

    Warm regards,


  • Thank you, all. As I said, I’ve probably gained as much through the experience and the changes to my thinking as anyone else might. It’s been a step by step re-evaluation of many of my belief systems. There is something quite profound in really understanding just how long some of us have been around, through so many epochs, so many changes in everything about earth. It’s allowed me to relax a bit on those who are obviously struggling to learn some of the lessons we’ve experienced and learned. But, it will all work out, of this I am sure.

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