A Battleground between Young Soul Age and Mature Soul Age

The battleline between Donald Trump and the landholders of Balmedie outside of Aberdeen in Scotland provide the graphic illustration of the differences between the Young Soul Age vs the Mature Soul Age. Trump has been in an escalating war with local landholders due to his desire to build “the greatest golf course in the world,” and their rural and pastoral way of life along the last natural wild sand dunes of Scotland. A documentary was filmed a few years ago and released a year ago to critical acclaim, “You’ve Been Trumped,” that details just how ugly power can be.

“You’ve Been Trumped” is available on Amazon for video download/rental, and I assume on NetFlix and any number of other movie sites.  I’m having difficulty staying with it for the full 1-1/2 hours as I’m undergoing a lot of emotional reaction. But, I shall persevere as I have paid for a 3-day rental.

Trump announced his project back in 2005 and was all set to turn this pristine dune setting, an environmentally protected area, into two golf courses, a high rise hotel, and about 1200 housing units. He planned on buying up and evicting all of the local land owners to complete the purchase of the entire parcel. The farmers didn’t want to sell and the local Planning Commission turned the project down due to environmental reasons. Trump fought back and had the government of Scotland intervene and null the rejection of the project. Apparently, this has never happened before.

But, during the intervening years, Trump has displayed incredible arrogance, total abuse of power, and had so many laws broken on his behalf that he stands as a caricature of all business developers who go into relative poor areas and overwhelm the system due to their wealth. This could be United Fruit in Central America, Union Carbide in India, or Trump in rural Scotland.  One of the earliest stomach churning aspects of the film is just seeing him and his entourage descending on the dunes and all of the photo ops — even a red carpet. “King” of the Young Souls.

Painting of Donald Trump

What has become an interesting twist on the story of Development vs Non-Development  is all of the ways others have become involved in the battle — from environmentalist groups to others buying into small parcels to become owners to fight back. Meanwhile, Trump has gone ahead with his project and his tearing up the land just as feared and destroying the last natural sand dunes in Scotland. The ugly nasty face of contempt for anyone else who doesn’t fawn and grovel.

Meanwhile, his project was put on hold in 2011 due to the global economic issues. Of course that doesn’t stop him from threatening lawsuits every time his gigantic ego decides he’s not been getting enough attention or obedience. Or, have the entrenched Scots actually managed to block him?


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  • Maureen

    There is some hope …the Scottish are very strong, proud and “stubborn”.

    I have 2 words for The Donald (well technically maybe it’s 3!) YOU’RE FIRED!! Wow — that felt almost as good in my imagination as it would in real life!

    Oh yes — I believe he dropped his law-suit against Bill Maher recently for a joke Bill made about him.

    Here is the YouTube of Bill Maher talking about it on Conan. Really funny stuff: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qx3fuMMI9U0

  • I’ve been noticing people whom I consider to be unmitigated jackasses and have no idea how they became so “popular” with some of the public. I puzzle over the differences between my belief systems and what theirs must be like and have no true answers. My definition of a jackass is that the person has to bray alot, too — can’t just be a jerk or asshole. Trump, DICK Cheney, Pat Robertson, Phelps of the WBC, McConnell from KY — all of these guys have one thing in common. They set my hackles up within an instant of either seeing their smarmy faces or hearing their voices.

  • michelle

    I just watched the documentary and words cant describe what Donald Trump is. I cant believe someone would turn beauty and someone’s land/homes into a freaking golf course!! Im a american but let me say not all americans act like this. Thanks Donald Trump for making us americans look like an ass. Take your money and spend it on a hair piece that actually looks real. Talk about some being a pig…yes sir you are!!

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