Negative Poles of Mature Soul Age

I ended my last posting on a note that I’d like to explore further. I try to keep these entries relatively short and to the point, and am willing to build my points over multiple days. Michael has said repeatedly that all stages or levels begin in negative poles, which then expand and move into positive poles over time. BUT all positive poles still contain the various aspects of negative poles. It’s holistic. Just as we’ve learned that every single task we undertake that is new to us will begin with awkwardness and mistakes before we can master it and use the skill successfully most of the time thereafter.

It has become a “New Age” trap to believe that just moving into the Mature Soul Age automatically makes it “positive poles,” vs the Young Soul Age we are leaving. Actually, it’s probably the exact opposite. The Young Soul Age is probably more expansive and inclusive than the Mature Soul Age is. Probably? You can bet your sweet bippy that it is. But “more” is hardly the same thing as a done deal. We talk about the change to the Mature Soul Age as though it’s on it’s final stage of the final level and about to enter the Old Soul Age. There is a lot of work to be done before this happens.

And, while there is a trend that each subsequent soul age is about half as long as the previous one, any number of things can set it back. This is merely a tipping point of “more Essences” are entering their Mature Soul Ages than those who are still Infant, Baby, and Young Soul Ages. It’s rather like the first day of being a freshman in high school.

How do we look more thoughtfully at what are the likely negative poles of the Mature Soul Age? Number one on the list would have to be the basic definition of negative vs positive poles: exclusive, contracted, and rejective vs expansive, inclusive, and accepting. Can we see evidence that this is true? I saw an Abraham quote today that might shed some light on this:

Every law, sacred or secular, that we have ever seen in your environment has always come from a place of disconnection, from a place of protectiveness.  -Abraham

So, I would start by examining what might be some Mature Soul Age attributes and then how they are being applied. As I said last article, I think the battleground between the two soul ages will play out in all of the aspects of the Agenda 21 of the United Nations, not all of which will be part of the Agenda 21. Environmental science, wildlife, clean water, working to eradicate pollution, ecology, climate change, etc., all of these issues are part of the same overall outlook of the Mature Soul Age. And, it is why the Baby and Young Souls are fighting it so much — they instinctively know that it means a one world system of responsibility and a potential loss of their “freedom.” Not that their freedom(s) hasn’t been far more a myth than practice. We are a heavily legislated culture.

But, the potential of what the Mature Soul Age means is a substantial change in outlook in terms of one planet, one world, one people vs MINE. And the most agitation will occur legislatively, trying to reset the clock on some incredible damage that’s occurred during the past couple of hundred years. I think this is where one can find the negative poles of contraction. An essential series of steps to go towards positive, but still a level of exclusivity that might even generate new levels of dictatorships and draconian measures to get the “non-believers” to comply.

As a minor digression, God vs “All that is” is fairly typical of the younger soul ages vs the older ones. God is very personalized and individuated. God created just this ONE planet and just this ONE people and the entire rest of the Universe is there to give us pretty night skies. But, you can see where this is going with a beginning of a new Mature Age, too. It’s irrelevant whether or not “All that is” is part of the universe and each of us, it’s still our only planet. The more we adopt we’re all one, part of the Tao, the more we’ll legislate this perspective and fail miserably as it will still be a matter of individual choice and experience for Essence.

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