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As I’ve discussed in the past, belief systems contain truths unique to the Personality — very few truths are Absolute (genuinely universal or Tao level truths.) We live with global and personal truths, none of which are particularly “true.” Truth is highly dependent on one’s perception of the world around them, based in large part on their imprinting from early childhood. There are billions of truths, but few are absolute. Most of the truths we deal with are incomplete; therefore, not quite a TRUTH. This was discussed in “Truth is validation,” a VM entry from July, 2010.  I’ve also tackled Belief Systems several times, such as in “More belief system nattering.”

Today’s rumination is about popular culture and adopting truth through unreliable sources. Sources that cannot be validated, but are rarely questioned by those who follow the particular belief system. The term “truther” is gradually evolving to include any and all conspiracy theories that run counter to authoritative culture. Truther was invented specifically as a term for those who follow the plethora of theories and “exposes” about 9/11, but it’s been expanded to include those who are part of the “Birther” movement or those who are followers of people such as Glen Beck or Alex Jones.

There is a term used to define fiction as “suspension of disbelief.” We knowingly enter into a state of suspension of disbelief when we know that a work of fiction, whether it be a story, a book, or a movie. We do this so we can become part of the fiction. The line into believing that the fiction is “real” is when a work of imagination becomes reality for the person. And, conversely, when we cannot suspend disbelief, we lose interest. Various inaccuracies or anachronisms causes me to become annoyed and irritated, which then takes over the experience.

Since the late 1800s, there has been a broadly defined type of publishing called variously “Yellow Journalism,” or “Tabloid Journalism.” Generally well-educated people have scorned it, while popular culture has been the main consumers. Of course, once one gets past the snobbery issues, we discover that so-called legitimate newspapers are no more accurate or truthful than tabloids. Everything has a bias which renders it an incomplete truth.

Since the advent of the internet, there has been an explosion of personal opinions presented to the world at large, many of which rely strongly on nonvalidated “truths.” Belief systems shine forth in all of their blazing glory. It could be summed up as “If I believe it, it is true.”This is not addressing those who make stuff up or deliberately tell falsehoods, this is the range of public opinion that follows some truth or other as presented by an “authority.” Even anti-authoritarians become authorities to someone else, such as Jones and Beck have become. Anyone can take a stack of “facts,” reorganize, interpret,  and proclaim a new “truth.” There will always be some who believe this new truth without applying any critical thinking.

Belief systems are insidious. They become the cornerstone to False Personality and Ego. If under attack, the Personality has to respond in a somewhat kneejerk response, even if it IS illogical. This is why processing the 4th Internal Monad in Positive Poles is so critical, it is a process of examining belief systems and letting go of those that no longer serve. And, from then on it remains an ever expanding process. This is what allows the 5th Internal Monad to be undertaken, which is essentially recreating oneself, a new “me” without a lot of the baggage of false belief systems.

However, my observation is that there is a little bit of “truther,” in all of us. We’ve learned the hard way that governments do lie, they do cover up, they do withhold the truth, they do shield themselves with special powers. They do commit illegal acts. A government is only as good as all of the Personalities who run it — and many have not completed their 4th IM in positive poles.  Look around and examine the behaviors of the most prominent individuals, none of them can escape the label of “hypocrite” at some time or other. They are all human.

However, upon examination of the paleoclimatic evidence, the ups and downs climatic conditions that have been researched back millions of years, I’ve had to come to the conclusion that the current meme of “Global Warming,” is actually just one more Climate Change that is similar to others that have occurred throughout Earth’s history, as recorded in physical geological records. I honestly do not think that humans have had a huge part to play in this change, nor will be able to do much about it. I understand why many of those who do not accept the Global Warming meme are viewing it much like a conspiracy theory. There is a sense of strong ego involvement in how much importance or impact that humans have. Not that we don’t have some, but there ARE many other factors at play, many climatic events that have occurred, long before humans were major players.


How could I not resist including this cartoon? Afterall, it has a PUFFIN in it. :)

But, it’s a good point on how one can view cause and effect — i.e., what causes what effect? In this case it’s missing the point that volcanic activity is likely what caused all of the other effects, rather than being caused by one of the effects.  This is a good example of trutherism. The cart is before the horse. Facts are moved around to project a theory that is missing some salient linearity.  Or, that earthquakes cause tsunamis. Not everything comes from a single event point.

Phanerozoic climate 

500 million years of climate change

While it is true that most of the research being conducted on climate change is being done by scientists, it doesn’t mean that the conclusions being drawn is “the truth.” It is likely a partial truth, but not the entire truth.

Michael has been asked multiple times about the truth of Global Warming and each time has not validated it as it is currently being described.

Infinite soul causes biggest shifts
[Excerpt from TT: 2007-07-08]

[Question] Hello Michael. I have been working with a friend who is receiving channeling from Simon the peter (he has told us that the Michael’s and he have worked together for a long time). Simon has stated that there is a great shift in energy happening on the planet, magnetic poles shifting, awareness shifting, Mother Earth cleansing herself, etc. Can you comment on this?

[Michael Entity] There is always shifting happening on your planet in some form and this has been stated by many in positions of awareness, science, fear, philosophy, power, or spirituality over eons of time. There is nothing specifically unique at this point, though many who observe larger patterns can anticipate the potential for something more obvious. Only when the Infinite Soul is manifest is there truly a shift to the degree to which many claim the earth is processing currently. Otherwise, the “shifts” are simply natural stages in the evolution of the planet’s consciousness, or climatic changes that are simply not understood and attributed superstitious values.

However, all of this being said, there is some who are observing potential impact in some parallels from the Sagittarius galaxy intercepting the Milky Way system in a unique way within 5 years, identifying 2012 as a major shift on the planet.

We do not mean to imply that NO shifts happen on the planet unless the Infinite Soul is present, but more that the ominous, impending predictions are usually those shifts that do not happen without the Logos being brought to bear. Otherwise, shifts happen all the time, and some are more obvious than others. The last greatest shift on your planet was in August of 1987 during what was called the Harmonic Convergence when the technical number of Mature Souls finally outnumbered the number of Young Souls. As you can see, this shift is still finding footing, so these do not happen dramatically, even if weather and climate changes do.

[Note: posting from Troy on group list 2007-08-11:

This hasn’t been fully explored by me with Michael, but they have brought it up in some people’s private sessions and I can see what I can find. From what I remember: Something about our solar system not originally being a part of the Milky Way, but actually a part of the Sagittarius galaxy, which has been merging into the Milky Way (or something like that). I think there is something about the way Earth will be, and is, passing through the field of energy that is Sagittarius and interestingly, Earth will be at its maximum submersion in this energy in December of 2012. Apparently, a lot of the fluctuations in weather and global patterns has more to do with this than the unfounded theories of Global Warming and Greenhouse Effect.]

[Excerpt from TT: 2009-11-09]

[Question] In Michael’s observation/experience are the dramatic descriptions used for the polarity shifts and the earth wobble simply exaggerations for undramatic shifts?

[Michael Entity] Observations of potential, impending shifts, such as what has come to be known as “global warming,” or “earth wobble,” or “polarity shifts,” meteor impacts, shifts in mass consciousness, etc, are valid to some degree, however, these kinds of events are not on a schedule that can be marked in any way that is predictable at this point, and most of these are shifts that would take longer than any single lifetime.

Michael has repeatedly said that all of the various predictions or interpretations of many events that are held dear by one theory or group are mostly an aspect of a group of souls experiencing fear, excitement, drama, or whatever — they have little basis in reality as being believed.

Belief systems are part of the human experience of growth and development that have far more power to affect the individual’s interpretation of the universe around them than have genuine truth as being interpreted.

This is not to say that humans have not impacted Earth. We have. And there is a great deal of work to be done to clean up the damage that we’ve done to the environment if we want to reverse some highly toxic situations to all of the various ecosystems that have been impacted. Humanity may be in the middle of creating its own self-fulfilling prophecies.  And, it would hardly hurt anyone to open up to wider truths and apply validation to their own beliefs.

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  • Brian Taylor

    This, I think, indicates why I’m drawn to how Troy channels the Michaels. Its level, non-dramtic expression of perspective draws me in, even if the more advanced, technical aspects are way over my head. Reading some of these other channelings seem like reading a supermarket tabloid

  • I agree. They take the woowoo out of it. Even if Troy frequently thinks that some of the material is “whackadoodle,” as it cannot be validated all that well. But, I think whackadoodle will eventually be validated.

    I’d forgotten on long this posting was. I think it’s the longest one I’ve done. I usually try to curtail it to what would be considered a “single page.”

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