Validating a past life

As I’ve discussed previously, I’m always in search of an Epiphany with regards to validating Michael in some tangible or concrete way. This is the purpose of this blog — to validate the truth of Michael.  I’ve been somewhat unrelenting in applying alternate perspectives to try and achieve a solid sense of knowing. I’ve been unwilling to just accept what someone else says is a validation, I need to experience it for myself.  Well, I have in spades.  And the treasure hunt will continue; however, for now, I’ve had a unique view into a prior lifetime, classified as a “concurrent.” But, from my current perspective both past lives are simply that, part of the total numbers.

Maureen received information back in April, 2012 that has started many different investigations into expanding on the information, validating it, and delving deeper. This involved a revelation of a Septant Configuration that has been working together of the centuries with a goal of bringing Michael to public notice. “Our” Configuration includes the Teachings itself, Troy, Maureen, Martha, Bobby, Oscar, and me.

Since all Configurations have primary attributes or tasks assigned to each participant, the Essences of the Teachings, Michael, is in the Love position; the Essence of Troy is in the Knowledge position; the Essence of Maureen is in the Power position; the Essence of Bobby is in the Compassion position; the Essence of Martha is in the Eccentric position; the Essence of Geraldine is in the Integrator position; and, the Essence of Oscar is in the Observer position. There are other types of Configurations with varying numbers; so, they would have positions appropriate to them; and, a Configuration is only active in its agreements as long as the members are all incarnated at the same time. Lose one, and the Configuration is no longer active.  And, finally, our Essences can be involved in more than one Configuration; although, will generally only be working on ONE active one at a time.

Also, “our” Septant is not the only Configuration working on a similar task of bringing Michael to the public — there are many others; nor are all of the other “Teachings” Configurations necessarily active at this time. However, with the advent of the internet, I suspect that there will be a continuous activation of Configurations during this technological phase of civilization.  Additionally, several us have been speculating that a Configuration doesn’t really work on its task as a Configuration until all members are at least within the 4th IM.

[MEntity]: The aim is for the work with us to be moved into various tangible forms that can be archived and accessed in later lives, and built upon. Until the current life, much of the teaching has been carried over by way of the Instinctive Center and recalled within the life. This is the first life where the fulfillment of the aim may find its first glimpses of being realized. We are working with several Septants in this regard.

[MEntity]: It is not our aim, but we support it as a valuable endeavor for those extant.

So, while we’ve been pooling resources about our current active Configuration, Martha expanded it greatly by asking about the last time the Configuration was active and received this information over two separate sessions: Medicis, humanist philosophy, and more on our Configuration. As you can tell from comments, the first one really fired us up with speculation and diligent research. Following the first session, this is an email that I sent to Bobby, Maureen, Martha, and Oscar on December 27, 2012:

I want to be “on the record” for a potential validation of my time in the Configuration during the Italian Renaissance. I’m quite sure I was Aldus Pius Manutius (Bassiano, 1449 – Venice, February 6, 1515),[1] the Latinised name of Aldo Manuzio — sometimes called Aldus Manutius, the Elder to distinguish him from his grandson, Aldus Manutius, the Younger — was an Italian humanist who became a printer and publisher when he founded the Aldine Press at Venice.
Here are a couple of A-ha moments from my past.
One) I was co-owner with George of “Promotional Printing,” in Brisbane, CA during the 70s.
Two) I bought the most expensive computerized typesetting equipment of the time — a Compugraphic ACM 9000 . . .and became totally hooked on both typesetting, fonts, its history, and computers due to that. I took my first computer classes at San Francisco City College and was forever after attracted to the growth and development of personally owned computers — whether they be Microsoft-based or Macs.
Three) I was so hooked on the idea of typesetting becoming possible on these types of computers and specifically Aldus software.
Four) I bought at KQED PBS Auction a hundred year old bound volume of the Aldine Magazine. I LOVED that book. It had things like reviews of Verdi’s “Aida.” It’s one of the few things that I lost when the kids discarded all of my boxes of books from storage that still pains me.
I will expand on those points of synchronicity after I find out more from Michael . . .but I don’t want to entangle Troy with the knowing at this time.

So, it was with little surprise and great joy that Michael answered the following today:

MICHAEL: Much of what the Configuration sought to accomplish was done so, in part, as a kind of “first step” through the Concurrent of the Sage-Cast Sage who is now known as “Geraldine,” through fierce passionate committment to emphasizing and securing these philosophies to print.

MARTHA: ”Calvincan”, or another personality that was his concurrent?

MICHAEL: Another personality.

MICHAEL: Yes, there are quite detailed similarities echoing between these lives. If each of you were to look at your positions within the active Configuration currently, you may find there is uncanny resonance to any documentation that might still be around for those previous lives.

MARTHA: (apart from me not being the richest person alive this time)

MARTHA: Geraldine was resonating to someone names Aldus, could that be the concurrent

MICHAEL: Yes, that is correct.

MARTHA: Aldus Manutius

A grammarian and humanist, Aldus’ fame is above all connected to his greatness as a typographer and editor. Aldus began his career as a humanist teacher and became known to the most important humanist circles of the time before coming to Venice around 1490. In 1493 Aldus established a printing house together with Andrea Torresani da Asolo. Aldus’ publishing activity, in contrast to the vast majority of printing during the incunable period, [incunable - books printed before 1501] was inspired by clear cultural and intellectual goals in addition to economic ones. Founder of the Philhellenic Academy, he contributed in a decisive manner to the study and cultivation of Greek letters in Italy. He himself edited splendid Greek, Latin and vernacular editions, and had other editions prepared for him by the best scholars in these languages.

I don’t feel quite the same resonance with the information about:

Giovanni Cavalcanti (1444–1509) was an Italian poet from Florence, a member of the Platonic Academy of Florence that met in the Villa Medici at Careggi under the guidance of Marsilio Ficino. Ficino and Cavalcanti were particular friends: Giovanni Cavalcanti lived for many years with Ficino at his villa, and Marsilio dedicated his essay De amore (1484) to Cavalcanti, who had urged him to compose it. Ficino introduced the concept of “Platonic love” and addressed many letters to his Giovanni amico mio perfettisimo (“Giovanni my most perfect friend”).

But it simply means that I need to do further research into these philosophical aspects.  Both of these concurrents were part of my history; and while, Aldus resonated far stronger as it is a lifetime that has strong connections to choices I’ve made during this lifetime; it may be that Cavalcanti has some connecting gems to learn, too.

But, one serious doubt about validation is “If Aldus Manitius (1445-1515) and Giovanni Cavalcanti *1444-1509) were concurrents, how is it that they spent time in the same group of scholars and location?” While Aldus moved to Venice later on, there were a large swath of years that overlapped one another in Florence. I will have to ask about this.

The Treasure Chest has been opened, and now it’s time to explore all of its contents.










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