A Recap of 2012 for Me

Doing year end recaps is probably an unnecessary task as we’re “supposed” to be in the NOW.  Yet, if one is struggling with some unresolved issues or fears of the future, it can be useful to take the time to see if measurable growth in some manner happened during the past year. I definitely do not feel particularly fearful. Most of my fears just get triggered through CF reactiveness or negative poles poking their heads up for a looksee during moments of the now. I’m frequently surprised. Yet, I see evidence of when I might have triggered in the past, it’s a far shorter and milder experience now. Mild irritation would describe most reactions on a daily basis; however, this past year had a couple of notable exceptions.

Working my way backwards as I remember yesterday better than a few months ago, and far better than last January, I’m not sure that the rage and anger that I’ve felt over the recent spate of vileness, violation, and violence against women has been born of fear, per se. Although, according to Michael and the Buddha, it probably was. I certainly resonated with the common issue AS a woman, but also was able to keep certain ideas in front of me, too. Whereas when I was younger, I would have been doing far broader slashing against “all men,” I didn’t really feel that this time. I really do recognize that either karma was at play, or that karma will BE at play, and that we all do our time as all genders, it’s far more difficult for me to lump things into a gross exaggeration.

But, I DO recognize and resonate with the idea that it is time to shine a spotlight such inhuman behavior, if only to stand witness against it, as well as to get others to think deeper. It’s time to capture some of the images of how horrific these acts are and to say that even IF karma ribbon burning, there are some who might be able to choose a more compassionate path. All major karma does not need to be tit-for-tat. But, it frequently is, especially among younger souls.  I was driven from within to recap some of the most horrific and recent issues of abuse of women in a TLE Blog entry entitled “INDIAN GANG-RAPE VICTIM DIES IN SINGAPORE HOSPITAL.” Notice that I even left the copied headline in all CAPS — a sure sign of disturbance and reaction.

In the process of doing some research, I came across an especially horrific quote, “Official figures show that 228,650 of the total 256,329 violent crimes recorded last year in India were against women. The real figure is thought to be much higher as so many women are reluctant to report attacks to the police.” However, if one reads another article that I posted within the discussion opener, “Violence against Women – Facts and Figures,” this is a worldwide or global issue. So, is it ribbon burning? or part of an ongoing deep-seated cultural issue that needs to be addressed purely from a legal standpoint? I don’t know. I don’t think it’s “just” part of the scathing that Michael keeps telling us is part of the human condition.

Maybe we know more about it due to the ability to shine media attention on the issues. But if it’s this bad now with 7 billion people and is primarily karma-driven, it’s not going to get better very soon. What goes around comes around. But I still weep for and am compassionate for anyone caught up in a ribbon-burning event. It’s still a lot of suffering and very little joy. Oddly enough, I don’t feel especially strong reactions to it being a male vs female condition as I do think that all karma will be balanced.

I do think it’s time to have serious discussions on a worldwide basis on cultural stereotypes that seem to allow for it.


Since late November, I’ve been really “hooked” on Asian history, Buddhism, the Silk Road, etc., that began when I bought a Keurig coffeemaker and went back into tea research. As I explored some of the ideas in two TLE blog entries, I’m going to mostly refer to those and let people read up on their own: “A View into Essence’s Time in Asia (Part I),” and “My current time with Buddha.”

I’ve been able to keep going with “The Project,” even when I waffle around with some ongoing issues with Troy; however, I’m comfortable with the idea that we’re part of an active Septant Configuration. We are doing what we’re supposed to be doing — archiving and bringing awareness to the Michael Teachings. [See TLE Septant Configuration ~~ Building a Foundation for “The Michael Teachings” in Maureen’s blog.] Since that information was first channeled, several followup questions have been asked, and we’ve now pinpointed two other times when the Septant was active, i.e., all involved were incarnated and working on the task: The Chinese Junk incident in the 1200s, the Renaissance Humanist movement during the 15th-16th C, and I strongly suspect during the 1st Century BCE time in Asia. I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if we weren’t involved in the “Golden Age” of Greece, either.  However, between Maureen, Martha, Bobby, and me, we’ll gradually fill in the pieces on the history of the our Septant Configuration.


Moving back in time to September/October. This was an especially painful, yet gratifying time for me. I got caught up in an extreme state of fear due to receiving notification about being evicted due to my ongoing smoking habit. I was able to resolve it fairly quickly and found that I do indeed have some strong support from unlikely sources. I came out of it feeling quite loved and cared for. And, while I’ve not quit smoking, I’ve managed to decrease my habit substantially and think I will be able to best this foul habit. I’ve gone from the equivalent of 3 packs per day during the past year to about 1/2 a pack. Not a done deal . . .but I see light at the end of the tunnel. Here‘s the link to the discussion I wrote in VM with regards to that.


This is the year that I decided to follow down various agreements and experiences with my long term husband of 30 years (currently divorced).  I wrote a series of TLE Blog entries during the early part of the year, “More info on a walk-out/walk-in,” “Synchronicities – Essence Agreements,” and  ”Finding Acceptance.” Those articles include channeling I received and/or links to Validating Michael articles on the topic.  I have achieved acceptance with regards to George.

I also posted “Validating My Ex’s Overleaves,” in March, 2012. This was an examination of George’s Overleaves, which included the information about him not being past his 2nd Internal Monad. I tend to think that in combination with the walk-in/walk-out situation that this highly impacted him. Our Traveling Companion, my ET, made it to the 6th IM and walked-out.  I’ve had my ongoing doubts about my value to George; however, knowing his penchant for violent reactions, I may very well have kept him from that final explosion that would have become front page headlines. However, since he’s still alive, who knows :)


And, a year-end final. This was a far more interesting year than I remembered when I started writing this post. I accomplished more than I thought I did, especially since I am somewhat disabled and retired. I don’t DO a whole lot of things, especially at a physical pace that I once did. But, one critical thing that I opened to was the caring and concern of others, both here on TLE and/or FB, and within my life in Wasilla. I attended the Nazarene Church’s Christmas dinner and was really quite astonished at how many loving friendships I’ve made since 2006 when I started volunteering at the food bank. Similarly, I’ve been tuning into my relationships with some of the longer term clients of the food bank, and have created more loving relationships than I thought I had.  I AM making a difference.

I can validate that 2012 was a very good year.




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  • Bobby

    That’s a great recap, Geraldine. I think I too would benefit from doing my own personal recap of the year. Our days tend to blend together but doing something such as this, I think important themes become visible throughout the year that are and were important to our growth. Perhaps even doing mini reviews monthly, then quarterly, and then wrapping up a whole year based upon those would even be advantageous.

  • Suzie

    Thsnk you for sharing. Great recap. Makes me ponder. Since I have clearly chosen to be more unplugged to the world dynamics and hence not aware of much negative events, the karma unraveling around the world , given or being created…..somehow makes me wonder are there karma balancing by sheer knowledge and empathy based awareness? Meaning. Can one expierence karma release, balance by baring whitness of essence lessons with out actually being “there” ? I understand better now we are all connected. All part of one. So. Do we somehow heal, balance, recover through the expierence of a complete stranger? Is it possible that it affects your essence on a level that needed to find peace, acceptance, and also recognition? Not saying it did or didn’t happened. I am saying, since we have all lived life times, coming to learn, expierence, and grow, then why not allow your essence to heal from and with and through other essences karma balancing events. I ask the universe to always allow me to “get” my lessons, yet I ask for gentle lessons. I can have a major event or learn same lesson from a much less life impact event. Just thinking.

  • Hello, Suzie :)

    According to the following information that I recently pulled from an Open Michael Workshop (OMW) that was specifically on the topic of Karma, what it is, how it is created, and how it is balanced, I would say “no.”

    There was recently a discussion on TLE about the shooting in Newtown. Naturally, it brought up discussions on karma. I created a new discussion that published publicly the information given in an Open Michael Workshop back in 2010, and pulled Troy’s well-written comment into it, also. See Transcript from the Open Michael Workshop (OMW) on “Me and My Karma Workshop.] I would recommend starting with reading that.

    That gives a good foundation on how karma actually works. It cannot be stressed enough that the imbalance is created between two Essences, not between two Personalities. There are multiple ways to balance the karma, which includes ribbon burning, but we Personalities, which includes our Fragment of Essence, are the ones who do most of the work most of the time. These are not lessons for us. These are energies that connect Essences to one another, and who gain experiences that evolve them. Personalities can and do burn ribbons through far more benign methods than just tit-for-tat experiences, such as philanthropic karma or philanthropic actions.

    But one cannot “think” it away. It requires genuine experience and actions to balance karma. Among younger souls, it usually is going to be a fair amount of tit-for-tat actions, UNLESS the two Personalities can agree through choice to balance karma through actions of unconditional love. Examples would be caring for an infirm or disabled participant, saving a life, saving lives by being a healer, etc.

    Bearing witness may increase the amount of willingness of alternative methods of ribbon burning, but it will still be up to those who have the karma to handle it that way. Raising one’s conscious is a step that allows for possible new choices, but doesn’t actually burn a ribbon.

    During my Essence’s Young Soul era, I created 79 instances of where I killed someone else that required karma balancing. I do not know if all instances were handled in a tit-for-tat manner, but I suspect that healing balanced most of the ribbons as Essence didn’t have 79 incarnations during that period. I do know that Essence had 25 lifetimes as a healer out of 179 incarnations.

    As we’ve moved substantially from primarily small tribal groups, into far more complex social groups, how we function as healers to balance karma has changed, too. But, I see plenty of evidence that many older souls are actively seeking lives of becoming healers, too. This is likely how many will choose to balance karma. But, remember, while one can accrue “philantrophic” karma where no ribbon existed, it will still be between the two Essences. It’s not a bank account of good deeds that can be spent any number of ways. If I save your life and we have not had any existing ribbons, then, the philanthropic karma will only be between us . . .I can’t use it for another.

    As for gentle lessons, that’s part of the current New Age thinking that has little to do with what Essence needs and wants. It’s primarily ego talking.

    Geraldine aka “Mom” :)

  • Maureen

    Geradline — yes — you are making a difference — a good one! :)

  • Your presence on TLE certainly makes a difference, G…so I’m sure that those who get a chance to experience you in person are that much luckier.

    Happy New Year!!!

  • DianeHB

    This is a great recap — I am working on my own as well, since I find it rewarding to look back and reflect on all I’ve learned/accomplished. You are more important to us than you know!

    Btw, “gentle lessons” are possible, but they come as a result of active learning/healing, not passive request. If we make the effort to learn from our experiences and relationships when the issues are small, they will rarely snowball into major crises. We can’t avoid all crises, but we can limit their numbers.

  • Thank y’all for the validation. When one is at the epicenter of where the rock dropped into the pond, it’s hard to see where the ripples go.

  • Jana

    Hi Geraldine,
    I just wanted to share a method for stopping smoking, that I have personally tried and succeeded with, after several failed attempts. It’s been around since 80s so you may have heard of it. It’s called EasyWay to Stop Smoking, and you can get the book on Amazon. It is in my experience really the best way, involving the least amount of discomfort. Good luck with it, and I am glad that the housing situation worked out alright in the end.

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