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One of the major pluses of being pretty well housebound and internet savvy is that I get to study and learn about just about anything that crosses my path of interest. The Michael Teachings is an excellent case in point.

When I first came across Michael, I was flat-ass broke, but had chosen to have slightly more than dialup internet vs television or half a dozen other ways to entertain myself. I couldn’t afford to buy even the used books from Amazon.  So, I tackled reading every single thing I could that had been posted online during the previous 10 years. Before I was done, I’d become actively involved in creating a library for TLE that contained all of this earlier work.  Additionally, I’ve become a semi-expert on Michael and an active student in some aspects of Michael — all since late 2006. I started out just as bewildered as most others begin.

Wikipedia has been my “go to” source for a long time (in fact, that’s how I found Michael). I consider it trusted and reliable EVEN with known flaws of human biases — it’s ahead of whatever is in 2nd place by so much, 2nd place isn’t even on the horizon. The more biases become apparent, the more important it becomes to widen one’s research to include other sites and authors.  I guess if the bioscience world wants to argue about algae, it’s fairly irrelevant to me; so, I can just read Wiki to gain whatever information I’m seeking at the moment. Although, there is a rapidly expanding excellent method of learning via free online college-level courses — Coursera.

There is a constant caveat about Wikipedia not being completely accurate. I’ll let you in on a little secret, NOTHING you’ll learn is completely accurate. Even the events one experiences first hand for themselves are subject to filters and imprinting, one’s own unique reality, and outright falsehood.  The caveat for History, my main interest, has been “the winners write the history,” which has proven to be very true. However, even the losers get published and are not necessarily more unbiased or accurate than the winners.

But, it’s a cop-out to back away from learning because “none of it is completely accurate.” Perhaps, a good example would be if Essence wanted to learn all about being human, but decided on only a single incarnation. It wouldn’t matter which time period, which evolutionary state of the physical being, which culture, there simply could never be a completely accurate experience of “being human” during a single lifetime.

This is the primary difference between those who believe that God knows everything and created humans on a whim and for ego gratification (worship) versus the continual learning and improving that occurs with self-education, karma, and incarnations.  It doesn’t matter what the human accomplishes during their lifetime in the first scenario as it all dies with them and on they go to permanent praise-singing or screaming their way through hell.  Obviously, my bias is one of “this makes no sense.” I can’t imagine anything as an all powerful “god” being this insipid and shallow.

But, back to the purpose of this entry: Self education on the internet. I thought I’d share the various classes that I’ve signed up for with the Coursera organization. I started the first one, “History of the World” late and then fell into a mess o’personal problems which really knocked me off track. However, since I paid for a six months use of the e-book textbook; I’ll make myself read it in its entirety, PLUS get back on cycle with watching the current lectures. There are now over 90,000 people in the class.

I’m looking forward to this professor’s first half of human history being offered in the future; however, I will get at least one “early hominim” class with the “History of the World” that is being offered later on this year.  Meanwhile, I’ll just keep reading everything I can find on archeological sites about early man.

I know that Diane_HB has signed up for multiple classes, too. I don’t need the credits or even the hardship grind of getting an “A”  – I just want to KNOW.

 Open Courseware

 The Khan Academy

 MIT Courseware

Wanting to know, having SOME free time, having an internet connection, and some cash to pay for textbooks is all one needs.




Sep 17th 2012
14 weeks long
Go to class

Nov 26th 2012
12 weeks long
Go to class

Jan 14th 2013
15 weeks long
You are enrolled!



2 comments to Courseware – Mature Soul Age Education

  • Sandy Stevens

    Hi Geraldine,
    I am delighted to see we are registered for several of the same classes.
    I screwed up big time in selecting my first class, it is so far over my head that it is unreal. Still for all that, I am learning quite a bit. I will not pass the course but that is not the same as learning nothing. Funny how old I had to get to realize that.
    I am in Think Again: How to Reason and Argue. Loving it so far.
    I am also starting The Modern World on Jan 14
    Next for me is Astrobiology and the Search for Extraterrestial Life starting 1/28

    Starting the same day I have Introduction to Philosophy.
    I am also registered for Climate Change, date to be announced.

    A Brief History of Humankind sounds very interesting, and I may register for that as well.

    Thanks for sharing your story!


  • Sandy — we’ll keep working to get the word out :)

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