Coalescence vs Dualism

Recently, I saw a video, called “Tuning In” that asked the same questions of six different channels, some of whom I know to be quite different from Michael — yet the answers were remarkably consistent with those of Michael and other teachers whom I’ve read over the years. From my perspective, I would say that this validates the Logos that many Infanite Souls have brought to humans to expand our horizons and and focus our vision on the three major Universal truths — Truth, Love, and Energy. However, alongside of this universal message, there is one that also appears and runs counter to these truths — the concept of magnetic polar opposites that are constantly in a war of repulsion, or what has been termed Dualism.

According to Wikipedia, “Dualism (from the Latin word duo meaning “two”) denotes a state of two parts. The term ‘dualism’ was originally coined to denote co-eternal binary opposition, a meaning that is preserved in metaphysical and philosophical duality discourse but has been diluted in general or common usages. Dualism can refer to moral dualism, (e.g. the conflict between good and evil), mind-body or mind-matter dualism (e.g. Cartesian Dualism) or physical dualism (e.g. the Chinese Yin and Yang).” Yet, the way that Dualism is used from within the New Age “community,” it’s both moral AND physical — i.e., the war between the “lightworkers” and the forces of “darkness,” not so different from religious duality. The language of Biblical Revelations isn’t so different from those who espouse Ascendancy to other dimensions due to the purity of their “lightness.”

What makes Michael different from the majority of Beings who are being channeled? While Michael repeatedly uses the terms “negative vs positive poles,” they don’t use them in either a judgmental way nor an oppositional way. They repeatedly say that neither one is “better” than the other. They also say that positive INCLUDES negative. And, finally, that each of us has the absolute right to choose either and Essence is perfectly happy with the choice(s).

Their definition is not really a matter of opposites as much as a matter of degree on a continuum. A continuum is usually visualized as a straight horizontal line with the absolutes of Zero and 100% at each end. One then divides up the line to denote where one is on any number of topics in terms of more towards zero (negative) or more towards 100% (positive):

Exclusive 0 |_______________________|__________________________| 100% Inclusive

In Michael terms Zero would be represented as “most exclusive” and 100% would be “most inclusive.” In a quite literal sense, the continuum line would disappear as it coalesced into the most inclusive and became “all.”

Perhaps, I’ve become more locked into the idea of “there is no war” going on between light and dark since I learned a couple of Sparky’s previous Grand Cycles, most specifically, Grand Cycle 3 and Grand Cycle 4.

Grand Cycle 3 (a small quote)

[MEntity] The Grand Cycle in question was one through which Sentience explored incarnations as wave lengths, or more accurately, as what you might see as visible colors.

[MEntity] Each Role worked through and with what you may already know as corresponding colors within your own visible spectrum.

[MEntity] This may not seem a viable medium for Sentience, but the fact is that “anything” is a viable medium, if there is even a remote amount of mobility, capacity for intelligence, and a material form.

[MEntity] Wavelengths were “popular” for exploration for a while, if you will, and this rose from the fascination of exploring the Kingdoms of planetary systems in search of a Sentient species. Some found it particularly intriguing that there were commonalities among not only the various species, but their environments, as well.

[MEntity] One commonality was radiation.

[MEntity] The Sentient species already in place at the time was humanoid, and the environment quite similar to Earth, so the experiment of visible radiation, or color, as the current species was capable of experiencing, was explored as a means for Sentience.

Grand Cycle 4 (a small quote)

[MEntity] Your fourth Grand Cycle species could be described as yet another electromagnetic-based species that might be understood as a kind of globular plasma. The life-cycle would appear to have been measured in hues, instead of years.

Hues moved toward a darker spectrum as the life unfolded, and eventually faded into darkness, so to speak.

The planet was more like an “ocean” of electromagnetic fields in which the species “swims.”

The movements were not confined by speeds, but by frequencies. (We are describing this as best we can.)

The species did eventually master off-planet travel, and does continue to exist now as a non-specific planetary species that has evolved far beyond where “you” were in that fourth Grand Cycle.

At this point, they often work with “new” planets in helping to stabilize the non-sentient life forms that are evolving, and are often mixed in with the “faery lore” of that planet, if there is interaction.

That is, interaction with the sentient life forms.

Light and Dark are part of the physical realm of Tao. Both can be species who are going through evolution as Grand Cycles. From this perspective, Black Holes are likely sentient.

Even karma as described by Michael is a state of imbalance created between two or more Essences by their incarnated fragments. It’s not punishment, it’s a matter of restoring equilibrium of Truth, Love, and Energy between the Essences. But, it is not a state of opposites.

As an odd note, how my Life Task and primary Self Karma is playing out is not so much oppositional as it is a gradual inclusion of Self Karma (Always being right) into my Life Task (To draw soft conclusions). The Self Karma is not a polarity of “always being right” vs “always being wrong.” I wouldn’t be terribly surprised to find out that others have a similar dynamic that shows coalescence of the two elements vs a duality or even a complete lack of commonality.

One of the thrumming undercurrents to everything that Michael teaches is the idea of that all of us are part of the One — part of the Tao. Agape is held out as the form of Love that brings us into an acceptance of Oneness with all others, even all life (energy). This is the Truth of the Tao — there is no separateness.

This is the inherent difference between Michael’s teachings and many others. They are not unique; however, I do get the feeling that if one were going to attempt to validate teachings, this might be an approach — do the teachings work on concepts of becoming One or do they focus on becoming “one” to the exclusion of “another one.”



2 comments to Coalescence vs Dualism

  • DianeHB

    I think you’re onto something with the life task/self-karma duality. My life task is “to act as conduit among otherwise-conflicting sources” or “Peacekeeping”. My self-karma is “Warring”. I never made the connection before!

  • Very interesting, Diane. This might be something that we can get Ulla to do one of her statistical projects on — collecting Life Tasks and Self-Karma information. Although, I don’t think most people have had their Self-Karma channeled as yet. But, another piece of validation on how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together into a consistent whole.

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