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I’ve been taking a break on the blog as I simply have not been able to fully develop any topic that I started. My interests have been more currently topical and/or historical research-based, few of which lent themselves to being readily applicable to the overall theme of Validating Michael. I’ve also been fighting personal issues of extreme low energy. It’s surprising how much energy it takes to coalesce ideas into written form, and all too often, I get several paragraphs into a topic only to have it vanish into a cloud of “why bother?” It’s as though I’m struggling to make something happen when my passion is missing.

Some of this is the deep winter blahs. We’ve been mostly below 0-F for over a month now–day and night. Even though we’ve been getting more sunshine recently, that’s still a relative concept as it contains no warmth, nor does it linger long to shine through my window. Wind returns for several days at a time — today and tomorrow, it’ll be blowing gustily at about 35 mph with wind chills down around minus 35. The two feet of snow is gone from the parking garage roof immediately outside my window, stripped away by the wind and sent elsewhere. Someone is getting some huge drifts. I keep waiting for the return to “normal” temperatures of 10s and 20s. Part of the blahs is the extreme isolation it imposes. Errands are miserable events, and I can’t even keep my door cracked to outside. I’m cocooned inside.

I’ve been forced to become more news-oriented, which never is an uplifting event, especially during extreme political times. Normally, I avoid the rancor and posturing as little of it seems real. As politicians attempt to find resonance with voters, they manufacture issues, while avoiding anything of substance. So much is overstated, misstated, or glorified into far more than it warrants. 24-Hour media repeats and repeats, trying to find kernels of “something” to talk about just to avoid empty air only to become empty air. There is more speculation than bona fide news. 30-Second soundbites get dissected as though they are major 2-hour policy statements.

I watched the 2nd South Carolina Republican Debate between the remaining four candidates last night. It was more entertaining than I expected it would be. Also, I was in full Discrimination and Observation; so, I was disengaged in terms of allowing the rhetoric get to me. I’ve noticed that this has become far more prevalent during the past couple of years. It’s as though I’m watching actors deliver their well-rehearsed lines, which in a sense that is exactly what they are doing. All candidates spend enormous time preparing for debates, and aren’t really delivering very much that is extemporaneous.

I found myself actually liking and appreciating two candidates whom I traditionally would totally dismiss: Santorum and Gingrich. Both were articulate and passionate, i.e., they didn’t drool on themselves. I honestly believe that Santorum, while quite pre-packaged, really believes what he says from his Baby-souled perspective. I don’t have to agree with him to understand that he’s got integrity within his belief systems. And, in fact, I find it hard to believe that he’s stuck in his 2nd IM. There is an honest sincerity about him; so, what is his true Achilles heel? Similarly, Gingrich presents himself well, but we know his personal history — it’s not surprising to know that he’s stuck way back in Stage 1 of the 3rd IM. This man has issues.  As for Romney, he’s the true representative of the last gasp of the Young soul-age.

As for the chronic anti-Obama din, I think that once Obama starts his campaign, that he’ll be able to prove that he’s accomplished more than most people know and that he’ll come across as the only adult in the room. Andrew Sullivan did a great recap on Obama, “Obama’s Long Game,” and it’s well worth a read in order to put Obama back into perspective. The constant trashing is mostly egos attempting to get elected, rather than based on substance. It will be interesting to see if the “Mature Soul Age” is actually upon us or not. Obama is the only representative of the older soul perspectives.

Meanwhile, I’ve got to find something else to occupy my mind online than politics. It’s a wasteland.


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