Michael vs the Ascensionists

With the advent of the 2012-Doomsday Countdown, I’ve been dutifully reading a variety of websites, getting a Google Alert on daily articles, and watching some YouTubes, etc. Once one sets aside extreme skepticism and tries to parse through the information in hopes of finding some parallelism to Michael, you’d think it’d get easier. It does and it doesn’t. There is a major divide between the type of information brought through certain channels and their Entities, such as Bartholomew, Chief Seattle, Lazarus, Seth, Robert, Michael, and Emmanuel, versus the information brought through those I’d describe as “Ascensionists.” The Ascensionists include Sal Rachele, Ashayana Deane (Anna Hayes), and Drunvalo Melchizedek. Add in the various teachings of Ascended Masters, ArchAngels, and Aliens to these as the beings they purportedly channel. And, then there are David Wilcock and David Icke in their own separate category, preaching extreme positions about aliens, especially the “reptilians” being among us, running our governments, being the various controlling powers that be.

There are close ties emotionally with the Christian Doomsday prophecies that includes the “Rapture.” In fact, Rachele defines Ascension as “Known by many names, including ‘rapture’ and ‘harvest’, ascension involves two steps: (1) the translation from a third-dimensional dense body to a lighter fourth-dimensional body; and (2) the transfiguration of the fourth-dimensional body to a fifth-dimensional body of light. There are actually two kinds of ascension: spiritual ascension and physical ascension. Spiritual ascension involves the liberation of the soul through dropping the physical body. Any soul who has progressed sufficiently in awareness and understanding can go through spiritual ascension. The simplified equivalent to this is ‘going to Heaven after you die.’”

What has Michael said?  Back in 2009, he was asked about Melchizedek and Ascended Masters and said the following, which includes information about templates on the Astral:

[Excerpt from TT: 2009-11-09]

[Question] Will Michael please comment on Drunvalo Melchizedek’s claims and the flower of life seminar about mass ascension into Christ Consciousness around 2012?

[Michael Entity] We see this as yet another fantastical, yet attractive, interpretation of a rather insignificant, non-event for the sake of emotional and material capitalization. We say this as a matter of basic fact, and not to cast a negative light on such things. It is quite satisfying to many to have an imaginary end-point toward which to focus personal evolution, and 2012 has been co-opted, interpreted, and hung out as a banner of warning or hope by nearly every angle of spirituality. Simple questioning and investigation can often clarify these ominous predictions to show that there is no validity, so when one is quite willing to “play along” with these scenarios, one has determined that there is some kind of value in that game, or at the very least, a resonance to internal fears that are in need of addressing.

As long as calendars exist along with Young and Mature Souls within a population, there will be impending doomsday dates to impose dramatic descriptions for undramatic shifts.

[Question] Does that mean “ascended masters” did not create a Christ Consciousness grid around the earth and that there will not be a group “awakening”?

[Michael Entity] We would not be so conclusive as to say “no,” but we will say that this interpretation and imagery is rather embellished. Some fragments find theatrical imagery appealing, and the personifications help some to open to support from non-physical guides.

From many mythologies, templates are generated from the imagery and then fragments can use those to attract and funnel legitimate support, with entities and fragments playing the role offered by the template.

For instance, there is no “Zeus,” or “Goddess” per se, but one can use that template as a funnel for Astral fragments and entities to work through. The “ascended masters” are another network of templates that are used by multiple Astral fragments and entities. “Archangel Michael,” for example, is not the same source for every group who works with that template.

These templates act as accessible, larger-than-life roles within a fragment’s life that helps one to connect or resonate to support and forces beyond the immediately-tangible. Even the Judeo-Christian “God” is merely a mythological template. We, ourselves, used the template of “The Sun God” in the Oracles of Delphi as a means to work with our students at the time. Once personification is involved with a non-physical teacher, or source, a template is born and up for grabs for people to use as a medium of contact with entities willing to play the role described by that template.

In some cases, that template is used as a means for housing the divided elements of the incarnated person attracted to it. For example, our own name has become a template, and some who claim to channel us simply use that template to deliver their own messages and ideas in the hopes of validating their own perceptions, sense of value, while securing an audience and using the built-in credentials.

[Question] Speaking of fantastical, yet attractive new aged teachings, does Michael consider A Course in Miracles to be a creation for the purpose of emotion and material capitalization?

[Michael Entity] We will say that there is personally-valuable information within Drunvalo Melchizedek’s and A Course in Miracle’s teachings, regardless of the validity of the information, and the use of highly-profitable marketing tactics. We merely responded with a random comment, as requested, and we do see the theatrics of 2012 to be purely for marketing, as that year has no significance in terms of any Mayan Calendar calculations.

[Question] In Michael’s observation/experience are the dramatic descriptions used for the polarity shifts and the earth wobble simply exaggerations for undramatic shifts?

[Michael Entity] Observations of potential, impending shifts, such as what has come to be known as “global warming,” or “earth wobble,” or “polarity shifts,” meteor impacts, shifts in mass consciousness, etc, are valid to some degree, however, these kinds of events are not on a schedule that can be marked in any way that is predictable at this point, and most of these are shifts that would take longer than any single lifetime.

We will add, though, that because of the amount of emphasis on 2012 by such a large mass of consciousness, we do see a high potential for “something” to be significant, though it would most likely be interpreted differently for different groups, depending on their view of reality.

Back in 2002, Michael was asked about the 4th Dimension:

[Excerpt from TT: 2002-11-21]

[essenses] Regarding the prophesies of the indigenous peoples that say as we come to the year 2012, time as we know it will shift. Are you aware of a shift that will occur that will be very different from life as we know it now, and if so what would the change look and feel like?

[M_Entity] There will always be shifts and that which is indicated by Mayans, or any other ancient or modern group, are no more or less as meaningful or meaningless as any other shift. Some groups have a calendar to point out the date, and still others are as vague as simply stating that “He will return.” We remind you that your most recent shift in consciousness globally came on September 11, 2001. Previous to this, it was in August of 1987.

These shifts in perception of Time or Space or spirit or matter are not rare, though they can be more or less subtle.

[essenses] Are we entering a “golden age,” 4th dimension less density?

[M_Entity] Probabilities do indicate a strong inclination for world peace and continuing explorations of compassion, if this is what you mean by “less density” and a “golden age.”

[essenses] Yes, I guess so as that is what the predictions say.

[M_Entity] It is a Mature Soul world, which could be interpreted as “4th dimensional,” if that is your terminology, as it is the 4th soul age.

In 2009, Michael was once again asked about 2012 prophecies and Ram Bahadur Bamjan in Nepal:

[Excerpt from TT: 2009-02-08]

[Tom] Hello Michael. My question is with regards to Ram bahadur Bamjan (AKA the “ buddha Boy” of Nepal) and the year 2012. He has been said to have meditated for months at a time within the jungles of Nepal without food or water. The media attention upon this boy caused him to leave the area saying he would return in six years (which amounts to his return in the year 2012). To my knowledge, he has only been seen a small handful of times since 2006 when he made this claim.

As usual, I have a handful of questions relevant to this matter. Is this someone that may be a Transcendental Soul or a fragment looking to “sign on” for Infinite Soul manifestation or maybe something much simpler ( for example: a boy being taken advantage of by someone else for money, fame, etc.) As a side note: does the 2012 date have any significance for an Infinite Soul manifestation (or anything else for that matter) or is this just another date folks point to as “apocalyptic” (like 2000) merely because it’s a common thing for humanity to count down to an apocalypse of one sort or another?

[Michael Entity] We know of the fragment about which you ask. The claims are exaggerated and misrepresented, but not maliciously. There are usually reasons for showcasing such things in certain cultures for the sake of continued inspirations and “hope.” Food and Water are provided, though those providing it under cover do consider the portions “not counting.” We would not describe the situation as one where the child is taken advantage of, but we also do not see much validity in the claims, at least on a physical plane level. In American culture you have tabloids that report on celebrities in a way that is parallel to the reports from within Nepal about this child. Most “news” is orchestrated, distorted, or exaggerated for effect, except in the case of the child in question, the effect is intended for inspiration, not entertainment.

As for 2012, we do not see it as having any more significance than any other year, especially since the calendar calculations are quite “off” in terms of the Mayan Calendar, but it will not be a year without elaborate events, particularly as the self-fulfilling prophecy is in high probability among many expecting (creating) events.

Your questions are more alike than separate, considering “2012″ could be said to be a global version of the child in question: a mysterious and unavailable, lending excitement, hope, anticipation, etc. Something to “look forward to.” There have been many “2012′s” even within your own lifetime, from planetary alignments to harmonic convergences to y2k’s, etc.

The difference with 2012, however, is that it appeals to ALL Soul Ages, not just one, so that the Baby’s project Rapture, the Young project disasters, the Old project elaborate metaphysical events, and all converge in a way that we see as unprecedented in recorded history.

I do not see how anyone could follow Michael and their Basic Teachings of Essence and Personality Overleaves, Soul Ages, Sentient Structure, karma, evolution through the Internal Monads, etc., and then accept any of the Ascensionists as being equally valid. This to me is the biggest point of “nothing in common.” I can accept the idea of various dimensions being equivalent at some level to the ideas of the 7 Planes or Spheres of Existence, but not as it’s currently being disseminated by the various Ascensionists. They’ve blurred the line between the 3D physical world that we experience and the higher spiritual realms, which do not include a physical body. If one repeats often enough some variant of “I am LOVE,” the physical body will ascend to a higher dimension that is akin to heaven, and apparently, one’s Essence (soul) will have cycled off, too.

As with most who have bought into the idea of “the Rapture,” few have considered just how selfish it is. If it were true, and if you removed the top 10% of the population, the most spiritually conscious people, what gets left? Who become the spiritual leaders? Who becomes the mentors? Who becomes the adults in a world run by children?  Talk about tough love! But, that’s an ethical dilemma left for another day.

My point is that students need to re-read the material on karma, on soul evolution through soul ages, incarnation, etc., as given by Michael. There is very little pinned-down specifics on those Ascensionist websites as they’re all about “this is it!” Anyone can play. There is little or no commonality between the material coming from Michael and the Ascensionists — one must choose. Some things are mutually exclusive.

3 comments to Michael vs the Ascensionists

  • Bobby

    Good job Geraldine, as usual :-) As hard as it is to believe anyone could follow such beliefs, I was heavily involved in Christianity for most of my life. I have freed myself from that bit of brainwashing, thankfully, just in time to enjoy the rest of my life… without fear.

  • This is such a great breakdown of the vital differences between The Michael Teachings and those who are all gung ho about 2012 (or Ascension, in general.) Thank you for this. I think some people force The Michael Teachings alongside “ascensionists” because both are appealing to them for some reason, but in the end, The Michael Teachings does not even dovetail with the doomsday/rapture/shortcuts-to-enlightenment concepts.

    • @CocteauBoy —

      The Ascenionists fail to dovetail into the Michael Teachings from several major standpoints. Another example that I’ll be writing about in the near future is the warring of the worlds, the duality of good versus evil, dark versus light, etc. Again, one must choose which belief system to adopt, as they are in opposition. One cannot believe in both. If the Tao is all about the evolution of consciousness, all forms of matter are part of the process, regardless of ensoulment. Ensoulment may be a higher form of consciousness, but it is still just part of an eternal process. There is no rush as Tao has eternity on its side. This is one of the primary messages from Michael. Time as we measure it is only a global truth for our species — there are millions of species on earth who do not measure time. They have instinctual clocks that tell them when to migrate, when to rejoin their groups to breed, when to move with the seasons. But, I digress.

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