Validating Michael through learning

One of the more difficult aspects of validating anything is the level that an individual is at in terms of personal knowledge. There is no such thing as “one size fits all” when it comes to information. We accept it with children — beginning school years deal with the fundamentals or the tools that will be necessary to learn more, i.e., the alphabet, phonemes, numbers, simple addition and subtraction, etc. We tend to overlook this when dealing with adults; however, adults range from fairly complete novice or beginner, all the way through the long low arc of learning, to the point of being a relative expert. When learning something like the Michael Teachings, it also includes real life experiences of both the individual him/herself and their perception of the people around them. Knowledge is never static.

It is difficult to balance the needs of beginners with the needs of more advanced students, in large part due to the variables that define each person. Some find Michael in their late teens, and others don’t until well into their later years. Some have been a part of a traditional religious foundation, and others never were. Some have read widely on a range of so-called spiritual or New Age topics for many years, and others are new to the idea of alternative spiritual concepts. Some have college degrees and some don’t. Some have been involved in various self-help or healing therapies that broadened their perceptions of both themselves and others, and some are new to the ideas of introspective thinking.  Some have questioned just about every “truth” delivered by authority, and others haven’t.

Even within the reasonably knowledgable group of “advanced” students, there is a huge variable of not only these types of backgrounds and differences, but it’s also highly dependent on which Michael channel with which they’ve chosen to align themselves. Many have decided to align with one particular set of beliefs (questions and answers) as delivered by one channel versus another as there are discrepancies between them. Depending on which book(s) are chosen, the information is also a variable — some are merely secondary sources and are utilizing others’ work as the basis of the new book, whereas others quote Michael substantially as a primary source. Some Michael channeling only exists in private live sessions that were never taped or transcribed. Some Michael channeling only exists online, some of which only is accessible through private controlled memberships.

There is no single unbiased, nonjudgmental source for the Michael Teachings. There is no authoritative canon. So, when one starts to validate the Michael Teachings, it must start from the premise that much of what one might read might not be entirely accurate or correct, at least from Michael’s viewpoint. Channels will continue to come and go. I think this is a valid teaching method for Michael; however, I still think the process is fraught with built-in difficulties that includes all of the issues with which humankind is prone.

Several channels have set up their own teachings, utilizing Michael as a basis, but the teachings are no longer “Michael,” either. Some channels have incorporated things such as Astrology, revival Shamanism, and even other Entities from the Causal (or elsewhere). For the beginning student, it’s difficult enough to master the “basics” of Michael without having to separate out all of the other non-Michael elements. For others, it makes it more meaningful, although, not necessarily more understandable.

I’ve not even touched on cognitive thinking styles, and/or centering. There are different ways of learning, different ways that the brain processes information, etc. Some learn better through audio, some through hearing, some through kinesthetics, and some through reading. Some need a combination. Some are right or left-brained, and others are fore-brained. As to centering, for those who are emotionally centered, they may need to feel that jar of intense interest before information will move into the intellect.

One of the more difficult balancing acts for dealing with beginners is figuring out where they are in the scheme of knowing, what their interests are, and avoiding overloading their systems with too much information. As with all independent students, the interest has to come from within, but a beginner asking about Soul Ages may not want the entire spiel about Grand Cycles, Soul Age Levels, Internal Monads, and the difference between Essence and Personality. They may be curious about karma, but not want to know about the 7 Levels of Karma, Self-Karma, minor, major, and philanthropic karma, let alone the permutations of choice, agreements, and/or External Monads, or that each Soul Age Level 6 is when most of the karma is burned. Even fairly advanced students may not be particularly curious about the bigger picture of these topics, but more interested in how karma is applying to their current life or why they don’t seem to relate to others all that well (Soul Age).

Humans are data collectors. We not only have our five senses, but a mind that never shuts down. Everything is constantly being interpreted and refined for meaning. Add to that imagination, which can take anything and make it different.  This is why Michael can say,  ”Faith is a Lie. It is blind acceptance in things you have every right to question,” and encourage us to look deeper.  It’s easy to take what others claim to know and believe it on faith, it’s more difficult to validate it for yourself. There are some things that one can only validate through oneself, through one’s experiences, through one’s internal processes.

This is one reason that I’ve spent so much time on this blog taking a broader idea and then applying through the filters of my own experiences. It’s the only way I can validate it. Similarly, I expect readers to do the same process, interpret a broader idea through their own background of experiences and total knowledge. This means they need to get their own profiles, do some of their own reading, ask questions, and broaden their search beyond a single source or from a single moment in time.

While I literally read everything that was available to me online when I first came across Michael, including 10 years of postings on both Troy Tolley’s and Dave Gregg’s Yahoo Group Lists, and every website findable by Google, I eventually bought nearly every book ever published about the Michael Teachings. By then, quite a few were no longer useful as they were “beginner’s” books. I was already discerning that while I found several of Jose Stevens’ books to be very useful and readable, that he had already veered away from Michael in many ways, and had gone down the shamanistic path and became less meaningful to me. I was suprised at the number of questions that leapt to mind in the Chelsea Quinn Yarbro books that never seemed to have been asked, or at least answered and published in any format. Many aspects of Michael seemed to have stalled out at material first brought through back in the 70s and/or early 80s.

This brings us to the point of what IS available online? Is this as valid a form of publishing as books? When I started this blog, I separated the first two articles as links so that they’d always be found easily. I’ve kept them updated. The first is Michael Teachings Books, and the second is Online Michael Resources. During the past two years, there have been few changes made to many of the websites, and only a couple of new books have been published. One new website appeared, but since it is exclusive and a members’ only by personal invite, I don’t list it — it’s designed to not be found via Google. Shepherd Hoodwin completed his series of live Blog Talk Radio series on channeling the Overleaves, the transcripts are on the Michael Teachings website, such as the following on Modes, and has published his new book, “Enlightenment for Nitwits.”

I found the most recent book published by Victoria Marina-Tompkins in 2011 about Internal Monads to be absolutely useless, other than for a beginner just starting out. It describes the various “rites of passage” that a human being will develop through, but none of the essential aspects of the 7 Stages of each Internal Monad, the moving from negative to positive poles, and why all of this is beneficial to both Personality and Essence and changing Soul Age Levels. She added in information for each Internal Monad from Astrology and Shamanism, but failed to define how those things applied. So, newer isn’t necessarily better.

At this point the only publishing being done on “Advanced” Michael topics seems to be on Troy Tolley’s Truth Love, and Energy site. There is a dedicated group of students who are not accepting whatever CQY’s books had as the last definitive word on all things Michael. There is a monthly workshop that people can attend that is all about applying Michael to one’s life. There are monthly topics on both the 2nd Saturday Live NYC Chats and the 2nd Sunday Live chats that range from “9 Realities,” to “Self-Karma” to “Psychic Hygiene” to “Death and Dying,” (transcripts are posted.) He even has a private “Fringe” group that is exploring some of the more offbeat topics that regularly show up in Michael answers, such as 6 million years of ensoulment, extra terrestrials, and Infinite Souls that go back in time to predating all known historical figures. He’s also published a Library of all materials that have previously been published by him online in any form, pure channeled Michael. Hopefully, his first book will be published by the end of 2012.

As someone with a Masters in Library Science, my background is hard copy publishing; however, the electronic era has swept away much of the mystique about being a “published author.” There is a vast array of materials available online that are available no where else. This does not limit their potential value. Publishing has always been a business, not quite the woowoo artform that it has billed itself as. Not all publishing is equal when it comes to being well-written, well-thought out, or even factual. The electronic world is no different, or rather it’s not some lesser cousin. It will always be up to the reader to validate whatever they read.

There is an array of Michael Teachings available, both in hard copy books and online. Nearly all of the older books are available as used on Amazon and elsewhere. So, no Michael Student need go without. But, the hard work will still be to validate whatever one learns.

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  • Mary Lou

    Geraldine, again you have hit the nail on the head. I have found that so many of the books simply repeated things. since I read the Earth to Tao, Tao to Earth and the Journey of Souls, the rest simply repeated what I had learned . but had no new views or answers.

    I did find info in the original books but the format did not always lend it very easily.

    and so here I am now. knowing that this has to be a living on going philosophy because the world is living and enlarging and changing. and that is why I have come here and to Troys group. at the present I still do not know how to form the questions that I do have. they have not completely emerged so that I can put them into words.

    the yahoo group and the MT website are helping me to reaffirm and get a grasp on the basis but I still yearn to know more.

    we do have to keep up with the world. the churches are dying because they have stagnated. God is only one way. mankind has tried to put the creator, the Tao in a box. how can that be done? If we are but a fragment of the whole, then there is no way we can put the whole into a created box. and it aggravates me and so MT for me has to not do that. has to grow and adapt as we grow and absorb and come into better understanding. if that makes sense.

  • Nary Lou –

    One of the most painful things that I had to face about the so-called Michael Community, and have written about throughout this blog, is that it is a compilation of human beings, each of whom are prone to rigid belief. For example, Dave Gregg has a long standing policy of blocking anything HE deems to be unacceptable on his group list. One of my more recent answers, which was a reply for a direct request for the URL to this blog, was simply rejected by his moderation. He blocks nearly everything that has to do with Troy. For many newcomers it can take months, if not years, to find out that TLE exists with a plethora of material that covers over 10 years of posted live channeling of Michael. Dave does not like Troy. Troy was banned from his site years ago. Similarly, the CQY books are considered the only “authentic” source of Michael materials by him.

    Unfortunately, MFM is based on 18 months of channeling by the beginning Original Michael Group, a group that disintegrated and broke apart very early in the cycle of learning about Michael. It is based on beginners’ perspectives while working a Ouija Board, a herculean method of obtaining information. It’s rife with their own beliefs and perspectives held at the time. Even though CQY went on to publish several more books, most of the channeling remained as culled from those beginning sessions — CQY doesn’t channel herself. She did set up several different groups to channel more material, but no one knows who they are/were, or even if there is still an existing group. She controlled the content from her perspective and beliefs.

    So, the MT group remains hidebound in the past. Very little new material is ever released. There is only one “officially supported” channel, Shepherd Hoodwin, who has never published anything expanded of his own work. Little exists on his website. As you discovered in the discussion on Cadres, he uses a completely different numbering system than all of the other Michael channels, a source of a great deal of ongoing confusion. His Journey book has very little channeling, and is mostly a large overview of work that others have done, which has value, but is hardly a “living” work. But, it did make major steps in explaining and organizing much of the raw channeling that appeared in the CQY books.

    Meanwhile, during 2011, KathN, EdH, and PhilW, among others, worked to create a new website, the I joined briefly and then withdrew my membership when I realized that there was a major shortfall between its stated goals and its actual practices. You might join that, too. I’m simply opposed to ANY Michael group that is exclusive and controlling. I’ve had a bellyful of it with Dave Gregg. Their basic orientation is a different direction than I think as they’re big into the idea of leap frogging past Internal Monads and Soul Ages to an early “ascension” through adepthood. It doesn’t jive with my interpretation of everything else I’ve read from Michael.

    In any event, keep reading and thinking. You are the only one who can validate what works for you.

  • whateveryouwantittobe

    I’ve found that Kath Neall’s website is the only place to have a serious discussion of the MT. She is a serious and honest student of the MT, and as such welcomes other serious students. She does not derive any income from her website.

    On the other hand, Troy Tolley’s only source of income is his clients, which means he caters to them, telling them what they want to hear in order to keep them coming back. This, to me, means that all of his channeling is suspect.

    In addition, TLE has a cultic atmosphere, and Troy becomes viciously abusive to anyone whom Troy deems a threat to his little empire. As someone who has experienced Troy’s vitrol and seen his true personality (something he takes care to hide from his clients), I feel that he is a charlatan…..very skilled, and probably with some true talent, but a charlatan nonetheless.

    While Kath Neall’s website is designed for serious discussion and growth, especially for old souls, it seems to me that TLE is characterized by emotional manipulation, melodrama, and angst more suited for the mature soul who wishes to be “guided” by a leader (Troy).

    • Dear Betty –

      I realize that you don’t like Troy, but before you go off too half-cocked, the website/group you are extolling isn’t available to the public and I was made a persona non gratis and pretty well forced to leave it before I was banned. Besides, none of the materials that are posted on MTSC are allowed to be posted or commented on elsewhere — that’s the rules.


  • Bobby

    I read this.

    Mr. Arant

  • whateveryouwantittobe

    New material is being explored by serious students on a regular basis at MTSC.

    The emphasis is on serious. This website is for old souls, and as such is not for those who want to obsess about relationships, or any of the things that belong to a mature-soul community.

    However, for those truly interested in learning more about the teachings, and how to incorporate those teachings into daily life, and how to grow spiritually, this website is the best, bar none.

  • whateveryouwantittobe

    you say, “I’m simply opposed to ANY Michael group that is exclusive and controlling. I’ve had a bellyful of it with Dave Gregg.”

    While this may or may not be true (defitely NOT with Kath Neal), I find it so hypocritical of you that it takes my breath away.

    TLE is ALL about control and manipulation–Troy, especially, but also you, Geraldine, and Bobby as administrators and contributors. To pretend otherwise is chutzpah of the highest order. And to accuse others of what you yourselves do all the time (and so excellently!) is hypocrisy and deception at its worst.

    I don’t think about your little gang too often, but when I do, you and Bobby are the ones I wonder about. Not Troy, his motives are obvious. But I don’t know why you go along with, and promote and enable, Troy. I’ve come to the tentative conclusion that it fills a void in your life, and that the negative aspects, such as manipulation and melodrama, appeal to your ego. Seems pretty pathetic to me. Of course, there may be a monetary gain for you; who knows? But I think you just thrive the emotional manipulation of the members and the sense of power it gives you.

    I do have to admire the amount of energy you all seem to have, though it just seems to confirm to me how much you love the power trip.

    I will not answer your (no doubt) excellently-written response, with the inevitable half-truths and assumptions you are so good at. I’m done with you and your sad little website, which is, really, just another schill for Troy.

    I have wasted enough time on you and will not bother with you anymore. I have more important and more interesting things to do with my life.

    • Betty, I think you may be confusing your various accusations and abusers. It can truly help us to heal from our abusers if we stop reacting as if everyone is an abuser. Not only will that help you realize just how many people are on your side, and how many good people are around you, but it will help you to really address those who have abused you, and the pain it left behind, instead of just launching into hostile and nervous breakdown reactions to anything that doesn’t cater to your expectations. If someone doesn’t fulfill your expectations, that’s not abuse. I’m sorry you tangled some really nice people into your back story, but it’s never too late to rise above it, and let good people be good to you.

  • Bobby

    I couldn’t help but borrow a quote that Maureen posted on facebook today because I found it a very relevant response to this thread.

    I hope you can see the truth in this, Betty.

    People will love you. People will hate you. But NONE of it will have anything to do with you — Abraham-Hicks

    So allow me to restate this: You can love TLE/Troy. You can hate TLE/Troy. But NONE of it will have anything to do with TLE/Troy.

    Of course, you’re free to substitute anyone or anything in there if you want. It still applies :-)

    It all revolves around self-love. If we aren’t loving ourselves, we will find it very difficult to love others are they are, not for how we’d like them to be.

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