Evolution Includes the Past

This will be an expansion of the ideas contained in my previous posting about “Positive Poles Includes Negative Poles.” We, as humans, tend to get locked into ideas about failings and successes as though either of them are an endpoint. If we fail at something, we can easily interpret that to mean that we’ll fail at everything. Similarly, if we finally succeed at something, we assume we’ll be able to rest on our laurels indefinitely. Neither is a truth. A new day arrives, new choices, new experiences, and we continue our efforts at living.

If we spend any time at all looking at the evolutionary history of human beings, it’s easy to realize that there has been nothing static about the process. We tend to think that we’ve always been as we see ourselves now, modern human beings. But, even then if we pause and take a moment, we can see many genetic characteristics that continue to take us down different paths of development, even though we are part of a single species that can interbreed. Leaving aside any arguments about WHEN ensoulment first occurred, we know that humans have been developing down several different timelines for at least six million years, even though many of our earlier versions were substantially different than anything we recognize today as human. But, they ARE part of us.

Since we accept that ensoulment has occurred and that it’s a developmental or evolutionary process, we also have to accept that each of us is different as ensouled Personalities than we started out. It’s irrelevant when we did our Infant Soul lives, but whoever we were at that time, was a substantially different species and culture than we are right now. Personally, I accept the Michael channeling that places our beginnings back at 6 million years. I think it’s modern ego and human snobbishness that insists that we had to have been “modern” homo sapiens in order to be evolved enough to be ensouled. It’s not a whole lot different than many who claim that other species do not think. It’s not a whole lot different than attitudes about racial minorities that view them as “sub-human.” These are old old attitudes that are gradually diminishing. Humans have been evolving a long time.

Similarly, Tao has been evolving a long time, and continues to evolve. Whether or not there has been multiple “Big Bangs” or not, Tao not only continues to expand from the last one, but continues to contract at the same time through black holes. Stars and galaxies grow, live, and die. Some explode into novas and become parts of new stars. Our solar system is not a “first-timer.” All of the higher elements come from previous stars. There will be new higher elements that we can only create through things like a super collider, but may eventually be created through other generations of novas. Michael says that there are Taos beyond the Tao we know. But, Tao is more than interstellar phenomenon, it’s the very pulse of “life” that animates all existence.

The “spark” of Tao that most affects our own development, is also evolutionary. Our own individual spark has had or will have multiple Grand Cycles of development as it incarnates into various species throughout the Tao. As Oscar found out, his spark’s first Grand Cycle was part of a Galaxy, as the soul of a sun; so, life is far more than we’ve been visualizing it. In a sense our “spark” is alive, as alive as we are in our physical selves. We are animated both as physical creatures and as ensouled ones–two different evolutionary tracks.

Essence started this Grand Cycle as an investigative curious spark as part of a larger grouping: the Sentient Design that eventually chose humans as its incarnational lifeform. It went through a cycle of investigating all of the various lifeforms that were part of its initial physical plane. However, once it started its first Infant Soul Age, Level 1, 1st Life, it had embarked on an evolutionary path that will go through all 7 levels of five Soul Ages, and then after it rejoins with its Entity-mates, it will do at least one life as a Transcendental Soul, and then when it rejoins with its Cadre-mates, it will do at least one life as the Infinite Soul. And, we don’t know what the Energy Ring does once it rejoins, nor any of the later processes until the entire Sentient Design finishes up all of its Grand Cycles of being human and returns to Tao.

Now, to tie this together with positive poles including negative poles. Because all life is evolutionary, whether as physical forms, or as spiritual forms, it is one of continually experiencing and growing, one of adapting and learning, and one of being all that its been before. There are no hard beginnings or endings. We exist as a Personality template created by Essence before we are born into a body, and we will exist after our last breath. Negative poles are a means of marking the contracted beginning of a new step or stage of experience. Depending on how one experiences them, they will either remain contracted or will expand until they considered “positive.” But, they will continue to contract and expand as new experiences impact them. None of the steps are ever truly “finished.” New ones are added to existing ones through choice.

Similarly, the fragment of Essence that enters into our body at birth is not the same fragment that entered into the 1st life of the Infant Soul Age. Role in Essence has been growing and changing all along — evolving. So, each new fragment that it generates will include all that its been. All of the stages of each Internal Monad level for the Personality will be progressively more expansive than those of a different Soul Age Level’s. The first time a 4th Internal Monad is finished in positive would be at Infant Soul Age, Level 1, and it would be experienced substantially differently than the one finished by an Old Soul Age Level 1. However, each and every Internal Monad will always be experienced through the same seven stages: INITIATION, INTROSPECTION, REALIZATION, MANIFESTATION, CONTENTMENT, MAGNETIZATION, and EMANATION, with each stage having both a beginning or negative pole and an ending or positive pole. All are accretions of including the experiences that have gone before. But, part of the process is being able to connect with Essence to hear this past experience.

I think we place too much emphasis on the terms of negative versus positive, and would prefer to maintain a visual of a pulsating universe of Tao, something that’s not quite so definite, something more infinite. It’s all part of a much bigger process, one that we will all complete through our Essence at some time. My spark has been through 10 Grand Cycles and is currently working on its 11th. I’m on my 177th lifetime in this one, and most likely have at least 12-20 more, which could be another few thousand years. However, the way back to Tao might be another million years. So, it’s important to just live each day that I have and find something worth uploading to Essence aka “Sparky.” That’s MY job. I’m the physical half of this team. We are Essence and Personality.



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  • trish walsh thomas

    i have been a fan of michaels teachings for a while. i have tryed to joing the site but it wont let me sign in after signing up. i am wanting to know if i ask someone to channel for me about weather my twin essence is discarnate or on the earth plane do i have to pay for this service .
    thnkyou .

  • Hello, Trish –

    Sorry for the delay in responding to you. I’ve been somewhat inactive on this blog for a while; and the notification got lost in the middle of a bunch of other email notifications :)

    This site is just my own personal blog. The site where I’m “community” active is TruthLoveEnergy.com, owned by Troy Tolley, a Michael channel. It’s very active and I do hope you join it.

    As far as I know, there are no free channels for personal information. Most people start with a “Profile” of their Overleaves, which includes Essence Twin information.


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