The slide from negative to positive poles happens through experiences

Understanding the seven levels, stages, or circles of any of the evolutionary topics that Michael discusses is usually through the ego or false personality as a competition, rather than through the inclusiveness of  positive poles. This is because it’s impossible to understand until one is actually IN the positive pole. It’s a vague measurement of “How am I doing?” until it’s actually achieved, and then it simply becomes part of one’s overall outlook and philosophy.

A good parallel that most of us have been through is education. Most of us can remember our early days of learning our ABCs, either in mastering the sequence and order of the alphabet, or the laboriously repetitious  printing of first the upper case version, then learning the lower case version, and then slowly applying the symbolism of meanings of sound to those letters, especially as a sound that begins words. A is for Apple, B is for Boy, C is for Cat and so on. Dick and Jane readers gave way to other readers, but they all were designed to do one thing: learn to apply the alphabet as words. Meanwhile, we continued to learn to write letters, then words, then sentences. It never occurred to us during our early years of mastering basic reading and writing that we’d be using it as a basic skillset for learning anything and everything that might catch our fancy, let alone would become a means for expressing our inner world.

Similarly, we mastered numbers, basic mathematics, and some have graduated into advanced math that forms the basis for explaining science or engineering. Several years into our education, we started utilizing our tools for reading and writing in order to learn about the bigger world around us. Some of the most exciting classes we remember taking were those about the era of global exploration or dinosaurs. Every level of education added another layer of nuance and difficulty. For those who took college classes, they remember the 101 survey classes and chose particular curriculum to expand on more in depth and specific mastery of some subjects. Most of the time, the first day of class had its own excitement as you caught a glimmer of what you were going to be learning. You opened up the textbooks, flipped through pages, and inwardly groaned, “I’ll NEVER learn all this stuff.” Yet, most of us did–at least enough to pass the class.

For me, a question was asked in a Michael Speaks Live Chat on June 14, 2009 that didn’t even raise an eyebrow of interest to me:

[Question] abandonment – we all do this alot , we come together, we go apart , that is life, as we know it… so, what can you tell me, that would help all of us, with this type of issue involved with our passages through our lives — i am sure, it is a theme for many — how deeply rooted is ABANDONMENT/does it have 7 levels; and; how do each of the 7 chief dragons affect it, like impatience, arrogance, self dep; self destruction, etc.

There are 7 Circles of Abandonment that one can initiate or experience:

Survival Abandonment: which is the abandonment of a position that is necessary for the survival of another, such as a mother abandoning a baby in a ditch.

Sexual Abandonment: which is the abandonment of a position that nurtures another in an intimate way, either literally sexually, or simply as embracing the Other as Oneself.

Physical Abandonment: which is the abandonment of a position that was necessary for the mobility and productivity of another fragment.

Emotional Abandonment: which is the abandonment of a position that embraces another fragment with room to Be without explanation or apology.

Intellectual Abandonment: which is the abandonment of a position of communication and exchange with another.

Intuitive Abandonment: which is the abandonment of a position of encouragement for upholding the fulfillment of visions, dreams, and wishes.

Spiritual Abandonment: which is the abandonment of a position of guidance and clarity for the bigger picture and pattern of the life.

Yet, I was to ask a question quite recently that gave me a lengthy answer of having spent most of my life doing Abandonment/Abandoning Monads — three of them to be exact, plus several of the other levels or circles.  In short, I spent my life “mastering” this particular subject, along with any number of other subjects.

In turn, it’s allowed me to complete five of the Internal Monads in positive poles, or seven levels of  First through Fifth Internal Monads.

[MEntity] For every Internal Monad, the Stages are the same, though we would describe them with slightly more relevant contextual terms for the Poles. However, the Stages will always be:


Yet, each level or stage was experienced differently for each of the monads as I was different ages, different life experience levels, and different people, even if I was in the same body. Each stage was an accumulation or accretion of all previous stages.  So, while I may have done five Initiation Stages, each one had different negative/positive poles for achieving completion of it.  For example:

Third Internal Monad started with:


+exploration -rebellion

Fourth Internal Monad started with:


+enthusiasm -indifference

The true difference for completing ALL of the seven stages or levels of the 4th IM in positive poles is that it affects all of one’s overleaves. There is a profound settling in that happens and an acceptance of self. Chief Feature doesn’t go away, but it has greatly diminished power. It’s easier to put it onto the back burner of importance. Others lack the power to upset all that often or all that dramatically. Reaction is diminished. What is noticeable as a mindstyle change following the 4th IM becomes even more pronounced after the 5th IM. One is simply more content and less judgmental of others’ choices. Chief Feature is heeded even less often. It’s a pale imitation of what it once was. I’m coming to the conclusion that one doesn’t extinguish the Chief Feature as a conscious act nearly as much as it’s a cumulative affect of moving through so many levels of negative to positive poles, the sheer experience of becoming progressively more true self. Stuff just doesn’t bug you as much.

I’m looking forward to the 6th Internal Monad and hope I’m conscious for the 7th.


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  • David Stollar

    Dear Geraldine,

    May I take this opportunity to thank you for your superb website. I always enjoy reading your posts. You write well and with just the right degree of distance, but without this in any way dampening the natural enthusiasm you obviously have for the Michael teachings. There is thus a refreshing neutrality to your approach.

    I myself am a comparative newcomer to the Michael Teachings, though not to the spiritual path, which I have been on for fifty years or so.

    It was through your recent post that I heard about the new MT site. Straight away I went there and managed to get myself into its hallowed precincts as a member. I am enjoying myself no end in that learned company.

    I at first tried to write to you within that site but could not find your page there, although I noticed the odd comment from you, so you must be hovering around! Should you not have your website mentioned on the main page? You certainly should not be shy or affected by any false humility. Your site is wonderful and everyone would benefit from reading it.

    Keep up the good work!



  • David Stollar

    Dear Geraldine,
    There are a few points I would like to discuss with you in private, i.e. not in a public forum. Would it be possible to let me have your e-mail address? If so, please send it to

    I have been reading your ‘Reaction’ post and think it really brilliant.

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