Validating channels

One of the primary issues with validating Michael lies with the need to validate the channel who is supposedly delivering the Michael material. At what point does the channel fall far enough in consistency with either their own work or with others work to be deemed “problematic?” Naturally, this is a discernment that each student must make, based on their own reality comprised of imprinting, conditioning, belief systems, overleaves, and life experiences. None of us will arrive at exactly the same reality, even with ourselves on a day-to-day basis, let alone with others.

Whatever we use as benchmarks to our reality will likely remain consistent over time as we will bend our reality to match them. It will take a huge wrenching paradigm shift in perspective to change our benchmarks. And, this is typically something that happens during one’s 4th Internal Monad. Major belief systems or benchmarks may be discarded in favor of a new viewpoint.

However, this is a more mundane article. Recently, I’ve been researching search engines other than Google,  and in the process have been looking for more “Michael” sites. And, as I come across them, I read whatever they are offering. One of them was offering an e-book, “Michael on Relationships,” which I posted onto my Michael books page. While this book does not jive completely with other Michael channelings, it’s still worth a read; afterall, it is free if one reads it in a browser.  Besides, I’m coming to the conclusion that none of us get the same thing out of the same material.

I also came across another person who claims to channel Michael and offers “Michael Charts,” but raises big warning signs to me. Her own material is so inaccurate that I wouldn’t trust her to channel anyone else’s profile.

Lin Oberlin of Lin’s Domain, has the New Age “kitchen sink” approach to her work: Angels, Gods, shamans, power animals, and even ghost cats, are all part of her approach. But, what stands out is that she’s failed to either channel much Michael or to read much Michael, as she claims the following for her earlier lives:

(5456 BC-5361 BC, 95) I was a female Seer and Healer in Ancient Ireland
(5344 BC- 5249 BC, 95) Female Healer-Priestess-Seer in Atlantis
(5238 BC-5166 BC, 72) Female healer and wife of leader on Euboea
(4845 BC-4770 BC, 75) Male Druid High Priest in Ancient Ireland
(4746 BC-4794 BC, 48) a wealthy Persian lord

I am a Sixth Level Old Soul

Earth is my 21st planet;
This is my 130th and final life on Earth –
I’m already dreaming of my next planet…

I vibrate to 73 — which is extremely high

My Guardian Angels (and several psychics) tell me that my soul is nearly as old as they are; that I was one of the first “sparks” or souls to come out of the Tao

For most Michael students, there are several glaring inconsistencies that quickly invalidate anything else she might say:  1) Frequency can vary from 0 to 100, and 73 is considered “moderately” high, but it’s only a measure of how quickly Essence processes experiences, not an indicator of a whirling Dervish of the Astral planes; 2) It’s unlikely that someone is 6th Level Old and on their last life — 7th Old is yet to come; 3) While all of her “Guardian Angels” and some psychics all believe that they’re as “old as the Tao,” it doesn’t make them so. In short, I probably wouldn’t buy a palm reading from this woman at a local Psychic Fair, let alone a Michael Overleaf Profile.

However, her website is fun, and is illustrative of just how “into” spiritual stuff New Age people can be.  For them it’s a belief system that is all encompassing.

Another Michael channel that’s very difficult to validate for most Michael students would be Linda Elwell of the “Experience Happiness” group. As I mentioned on my Online Resources page, while Karen Murphy aka Talyaa Liera channeled Michael and asked, most who read their website simply shake their heads and mutter, “No Way.” I’m somewhere in between. I see elements of Michael. I remember that they struggled for thousands of years to be heard clearly. Even after Yarbro’s publishing and the other Michael books during the last decades of the 20th C., there is still debate over who hears Michael the clearest.

Perhaps, it’s time to accept that different people will hear Michael differently. While dominantly old souls have been drawn to the Teachings, many old souls do not find them satisfying. Since Michael has a teaching agreement with the first three Cadres of our Energy Ring, and not all are old souls, why wouldn’t Michael tailor their message for those manifesting or still in Mature Soul Age levels? or even younger? There are many who seek self help to get past maturation issues. Why should everyone struggle with oblique terminology and obscure spiritual concepts when maybe all they want is to feel better about themselves and have more balanced and peaceful relationships with others?

Nobody has a corner on the market when it comes to loving. That is our Essence’s true goal . . .experiencing all of the faces of being physical and learning how to love unconditionally as a physical being. Not just as a particular soul age, or as a particular race or ethnicity, nor as a gender. Perhaps, the “true” message is the one we can understand and that fits our reality.

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  • Elaine

    I think this one ties in nicely with finding one’s own truth. What resonates with one will not resonate with another, so in the end it takes some self awareness and observation to find what works for you :)

  • DianeH

    I once came across a psychic’s website that claimed she was 6th Mature but was nevertheless on her last lifetime. I guess being on your last life implies that you’re somehow wiser than everybody else.

  • Tom Osborne

    “My guardian angels say…nearly as old as they are…one of the first ‘sparks’…to come out of the Tao.” Wow, what does all that actually MEAN? Certainly “nothing” in the Michael System, at least. What is a “guardian angel” in the Michael System? Maybe an entity-mate in the Astral? She probably IS nearly as old as a between-the-lives entity-mate in the Astral, waiting for his or her upcoming incarnation into something like the sixth level of young. Even more fascinating, though, is “one of the first sparks coming out of the Tao.” One of my favorite aspects of the Michael Teaching is the idea of (countless?) rounds from the Tao and then back again, until wanting to then have a go again, this time as another role. So what does it mean to be “first”? Which raindrop is the first one in a current hydrological cycle? And if one can be determined or distinguished, that means what, exactly? She would do better to claim that she was the first one in line at the Woodland Hills Apple Store to buy the new iPhone 6, as meaningless as THAT is.

  • Tom — Well said. Basically, it’s about being “special” vs unique. Everyone is unique, no one is special or “speshul” as I like to say. In Michael terms, there are no “Guardian Angels,” while there are Guides. But, Guides aren’t speshul, as we’ve all done time as a Guide to others within our Entity, Cadre, etc. Guiding is another way of learning. However, there is very little that a Guide can actually DO . . .they might shout a whisper of warning, but that’s about it. They do not save parking spaces, clear difficulties out of our path, or even stop the refrigerator from falling on our pointy heads.

    As for countless rounds, there is some interesting channelig in the Grand Cycle Group info (which still has to be transferred to the new TLE site). Since Michael has said that many from their student group of the first three Cadres of our Energy Ring were participants in the earliest lifetimes of this Grand Cycle and that most of our Sparks average about 12 Grand Cycles, this is about as old as it gets for at least those in our Design. But, even Grand Cycles are totally non-validatable for the most part; so, it’s mostly info to consider, especially from the viewpoint that sentient life has many different forms, many of them unrecognizable as even being alive.

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