All that you’ve been

Note: I made an error in this posting that I have since gotten a clear answer from Michael to correct it. A full design is in effect from the beginning. Not just an Energy Ring. See “What Comes First? Energy Ring or Design?

Also, as I transferred all of my articles to date from Validating Michael blog, I reread most of them (late Sept. 2012). This is definitely an article that I would rewrite in its entirety as I’ve received so much new information from Michael via “The Project.”  However, I’m loathe to simply delete this posting — all of us are learning as we go. Things we “knew” yesterday aren’t known as valid today.  glb


The Michael Teachings stress repeatedly from different perspectives that all that you’ve been or done is part of your now. This is true on a vast cosmological scale and on a picyune daily slip into some negative pole or its opposite, slide into a moment of joy. It’s most especially true of how the stages of growth all start from a negative pole and then move to a positive pole, INCLUDING the negative pole(s) as each stage if processed. Why would our thinking processes be any different?

When spark begins its new adventure in seeking experience for the Tao, it bands together with about 80,000 other sparks, called an Energy Ring. This Energy Ring samples various universes, galaxies, and planetary systems until it sees one that might be a really good place for a Grand Cycle. All of the sparks send fragments down into ALL of the forms of consciousness, all of the kingdoms of mineral, flora, and fauna. The eons go by, and the sparks sample everything there is about that planetary system. Afterall, if they agree to make this their home for the entire Grand Cycle, they will be the caretaker and stewards of this planet until the very last spark (essence) has cycled off. Meanwhile, more Energy Rings have joined up and are sampling. Some will move onwards to elsewhere, but some will choose to remain. Some sparks may even switch Energy Rings as choices are made. Meanwhile, the Design grows as consensus grows. Other Energy Rings will join long after the Grand Cycle has started for some.

The Energy Ring coalesces fragments into Cadres of 12 Entities. The 12 Entities fragment into about a thousand essences. The sparks are ready for the next step in their evolution. A candidate for being made sentient was identified long ago. It was even sampled as part of the preliminary process. But the fragments of each essence  that will now become part of each new life of the sentient species will be working on a pattern of orderly growth and development as they grow through the Soul Ages. Each fragment will return to Essence. And Essence will become more. It is all that it has been. Once the ensoulment process of a Grand Cycle starts, it must be completed.

Here on earth, there have been several sentient species, two who have lived out and finished their Grand Cycles, and three in the process: Cetaceans, Humans, and Gorillas. Cetaceans were ensouled as a species from elsewhere who managed to totally screw up their planet through war, technology, and pollution. Humans are another transplant. They started elsewhere, but caused so much fear in the dominant sentient species, that the immediate reaction was one of genocide. Gorillas are the newest addition to the sentient species fold, and we’ve been assured by Michael that even though they are severely endangered in this parallel, that in other parallels of Earth “Now,” they have sufficient numbers. Each of these current species has its own Design of sentient structure, i.e., none will be incarnating into each others’ physical forms.

Interesting points of fact: 1) Gorillas may be at Infant Soul Level One, but humans have stopped incarnating new Infant Souls as our culture and environment is no longer a safe nursery for Infant Souls; 2) Cetaceans and humans are both transplant souls, which means that gorillas are the only ones who have gone through the preliminary work of truly knowing all energy forms on earth. They will evolve as the caretakers, if we humans don’t manage to destroy things first (and all remnant Designs get shipped off to elsewhere.)

Now, back to the beginning focus. Each of these ensouled species goes through the same process for development; although, obviously, all will experience their individual Personalities or lives quite differently. But, at each point in their life, they will always be the sum total of all that they’ve been, whether or not it is consciously recognized. To reject one’s past is the same as rejecting Essence. To reject one’s self is to reject everything back to Tao. And, quite obviously, rather futile. The Personality’s ego is infinitesimally smaller than all that’s gone before. It’s just one glimpse into one reality.

This is the importance of the 4th Internal Monad. It’s the holistic gathering of all of our individual negative poles as they moved into positive, it’s the gathering of all that we’ve experienced so that we have the opportunity to function more often from true personality, in conjunction or partnership with our internal fragment from Essence. It matters little what you’ve been or done, it’s all a part of you NOW. It has always been a part of you in any now. Perspective may muddy the mind due to current unhappiness. But, if one embraces all that one’s been, it’s easy to let somethings slide into unimportance. They may still be part of you, but a much much smaller part.

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  • Martha

    Reading this makes me wonder – do you think there’s a version of our energy ring that did NOT leave the original system? Talk about branching at the root! Maybe there were parallels where the genocide either didn’t happen, or was stopped in time.

    Also, I wonder if any of the native flora or fauna came with us. Since so much time is spent in thorough exploration, it would be nice if we didn’t completely start from scratch.

  • Martha — I asked Michael questions on that. The answers are somewhere on the forums in transcripts. But, basically, what happened happened so quickly — there were only a handful who had actually lived their first life. Apparently, the reaction was swift and strong, “the pets have gone crazy.” No viable parallels. Apparently, there ARE parallels where recontact has been made from “now.” And while I didn’t ask about other native species, Michael did say that this was a major reason that we’re such lousy caretakers and that the Divas have had to hang around so long — we don’t relate to this planet. Besides, it wasn’t our bodies, but the souls who transplanted. Earth was chosen as it had a human species that was very similar and was nearly ready for sentience. DNA-tweaking took place over time as one of our earlier hominid species was prepared for ensoulment. There may have only been 500 such individuals.

    One thing that’s not been questioned in depth are the various hominid species that died out. We do know that Neanderthals were not ensouled and that H. floresiensis and H. erectus were. Since you and I are using the 6 million year timeline, there are species predating A. africanus (aka Lucy,) which existed between 3 and 2 million years ago. Humans on earth have not always been a single species. They are now.

    According to the 6 million year timeline, there were various periods of few individuals, such as after the 1 million mark and the decline to less than 5,000 after billions were wiped out in a catastrophic biological pandemic. The fewer the individuals being ensouled, the longer the timeline as it takes “forever” to work through one’s soul ages. Based on the skeleton record, our earliest ensoulment experiences were very likely much closer to gorilla than to human.

  • Elaine

    This is really fascinating, I didn’t know about Gorillas and hope their start would not be the same for them here, as ours was in the other star system.

  • Heidi Hessler

    Thanks for your insight, Geraldine. I have great interest in this as I was also channeled by Troy as having 2 incarnations in the Sirius Star System. I am wondering if Michael has ever described our species before we were transplanted here. I can’t recall if they have before, and am wondering if you have any more information. I am guessing we were also ape-like hominids?

    Another thing that I’ve also found interesting, but nearly impossible to validate at this point is that Michael claims our “Bigfoot” is actually the other Sentient species from Sirius responsible for our transportation here. They say that they are mostly Older souls who wish to study our progress, or something to that nature. I have always wanted to ask them more…possibly in a future open floor chat.

  • Heidi –

    Humans were in a human lifeform. Apparently, humans as a physical form are fairly commonplace throughout the universe as it’s a highly functional and adaptive form. I’ve seen Michael comment on it several times.

    Bigfoot are a species from Casseopia and also are able to telapathically screen themselves from view. There seems to be some dimension hopping going on, too, as they don’t seem to reside on earth. They are monitoring us, originally as protectors, and probably over time simply as objects of curiosity. One niggling point is that all sightings of Sasquatch are in very remote or isolated wilderness areas, not the best place to monitor a vibrant and currently well-populated species like Earthlings. So, either they do show up in towns and cities and do a better job of screening themselves, or this simply doesn’t make plausible sense on multiple levels. This definitely needs more questions asked.

  • Heidi Hessler

    Thanks, Geraldine. I guess I had that a bit bass-ackwards :)

    And now that you mentioned it, I do recall Micheal mentioning them being able to screen themselves from our view. Interesting. You’re right, this definitely needs more explanation. I remember them mentioning in a public chat once, when someone asked about ASHTAR, that there is indeed some kind of galactic security (for lack of a better word)..with interests in our protection. Would that include this species from Casseopia we call Bigfoot, then?

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