Old age as a shade of gray

One of the things that comes up in conversations regularly is a contemplation of “how” we want to exit our lives. Do we want to know in advance, do we want it to be quick, do we want to go through a lingering and declining old age? This is a constant thread that many of us discuss who are in the gray age, but also one that many others who are either dealing with gray aged relatives or are contemplating their own futures. Usually, it’s a paradoxical reaction. For those with elderly loved ones, and many lingering issues, it’s prolong, prolong, prolong. For those watching suffering, it’s far more problematic. For those living suffering, it’s even more problematic.

But, the issue has much deeper roots than simply aging. It’s part of our perceptions about all physically challenged people, whether born with disabilities, developed disabilities, or caused through accidents and war. It’s not all disease or illnesses. One of the things that comes up regularly as questions to Michael are ones about the agreements, karma, or “why oh why?” does someone have these physical problems.

The answer always includes a component of love.  Different ways of saying that this is how your inner fragment is learning love, experiencing love, helping others to experience love through caring for others, learning self-love, etc.  Learning unconditional love while in human physical form is the reason for incarnating. Learning to move past fear. Your essence is doing the incarnation thing to experience love in a broader context than it knows from its Tao beginnings. How many ways can unconditional love be generated and under what circumstances?

So, I’m grappling with that large gray area of should I even desire “early release?”  One of my friends on TLE says my song seems to be “I Want to Go Home,” which if one listens to it without watching the video, makes a lot of sense. I AM tired and want to go home. But, I also am getting feedback from others that I’m accomplishing something of value now that I’ve moved past my 4th and even 5th Internal Monads. My Life Task of “to draw soft conclusions” is benefiting others, as well as Sparky.

I’m that nagging prickle of alternative truths, encouraging others to see past their own conditioning as they struggle with 4th IM issues.  So, while my physical body is dealing with diminished capacity, my other three bodies of the physical plane, the emotional, spiritual, and intellectual bodies are still performing quite well (from Troy Tolley’s “Turning Point” workshop, 09/10).  Therefore, it behooves me to take all aspects of my physical life into consideration, not just my carcass. Sparky benefits from all of my experiences.

Note: In Michael teachings, our soul or essence is described as a “spark” that comes from Tao and returns to Tao (although it’s always part of Tao). So, I’ve nicknamed Essence “Sparky.” It’s a tad irreverent, but Sparky gets a warm glow of recognition out of it.

True, there will come a day when my time is over. It comes to all of us. But, it’s important that I look beyond a single issue now.

4 comments to Old age as a shade of gray

  • Heidi

    Thanks for sharing this, Geraldine! I always enjoy reading your post and always find something of value personally, from your perspectives.

  • Thank you, Heidi :) I’m definitely in a connection to Essence or Granny Guide mode — when I start writing, the theme flows and conclusions I’ve not considered just pop out.

  • Linda Whitehead

    Geraldine, as I have become more and more arthritic I find I ponder the learning opportunities, and there definitely are some…I have to be grateful a lot…that my husband manages to keep the household going…that I have a comfortable place to live…that when spring finally comes I can go out on my scooter again…etc. etc.
    I find there is a lot to like about living in the slow (very slow) lane…Sometimes I regret not being able to be a volunteer as there is much I could have been doing if mobile…But this certainly gives me a chance to just BE…

  • Yes, I’ve got lower back damage and knees gone from arthritis. I’ll be buying my rider sometime this year, I hope — it’s a matter of slow saving from limited funds. But, I’m forcing myself to look beyond my body to the total me. And, my perspective is gradually moving.

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