Truth is validation.

Today, when I was posting to a thread on TLE, I realized that I was working towards an essential discovery: validation is truth. Further, that truth is highly mutable and relevant only to the now moment of any individual, i.e., any truth I  might express today is subject to change on another day.  Wow! That’s a slippery slope to tumble onto.

Let’s start at the beginning. As Michael says, there are very few genuine global truths that affect everyone on the planet, mostly things like gravity. Everything else is pretty much a social convention or state of perception. This would apply to most of our laws as applied throughout a nation, a region, or a township. It applies to our rules of behavior and comportment.  It even applies to things that we view as hard and fast facts.

For example, in Iran it might be very true right now that the laws are weighted against women, but it hasn’t always been that way, and it’s unlikely to remain that way, and the same laws do not apply equally in all Muslim countries, even though they are based on Sharia, Muslim law.  As the citizens of Iran grow and develop, they will alter what seems to be carved in stone today. Persia has gone through many changes during its thousands of years of history. Islamic countries have not always been theocracies. The people will endure and changes will come. A new truth will emerge for Iran.

Another example I used was a truth of solid physical items. How much we view the material world as an absolute truth. Yet, get a big enough microscope, and everything is composed of cells, many of which are in a state of motion or decay, and refine the look even further, and at an atomic level, all atoms are in motion. Earthquakes freak us out because “solid” mother earth isn’t really quite so solid. Weather that we take for granted as benign can turn violent and deadly in a matter of wind shifts and mass air movements, nearly undetectable by the human eye except from a distance. The sun is far away and absolutely essential for most life on earth, yet solar eruptions can cause vast amounts of radioactive solar dust that can kill. Nothing is what it appears. A simple truth is only true until one looks deeper and further.

Beliefs are no different. They are only truths because they are practiced as truths, not because they have been examined from all sides and determined to actually BE true. Religions, spiritual beliefs, and various philosophies that attempt to answer the cosmology of origins and existence depend heavily on myths, legends, and assumptions. To each believer, they ARE true, until they are no longer believed. So far, only humans have executed those who fall into a state of apostasy — no god has yet to zap from beyond.  But, few seem to notice this.

But, the point of this article is that each person creates their own reality from a complex intertwining set of perspectives and beliefs. Each person’s truths are based on these constructs. How we will validate any new possible truth into our lives will be based on these existing truths. As we change and grow over time, our truths change; so, our criteria for validating will change, too.

This is what makes Michael such an interesting study. They have given us the tools for self-understanding — the components of our personalities. But, they don’t come right out and say that if one is emotionally centered, they will validate in “this” manner versus someone who is intellectually or moving centered. Or that if one has a goal of discrimination that they’re going to validate in “this” way versus someone with a goal of dominance. While they recognize that we all have imprinting, conditioning, self-perpetuating beliefs, they seem to know that each us is truly a unique package of essence, overleaves, past life experiences, and current life experiences. It’s that entire package that determines our truth of now and how we will validate anything.

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  • Elaine

    AWESOME!!! And this is what I have come to. In the last 10 months I have been moving up down back and forth, and I hope mostly forward, until I realised that the essential thing is to recognise that only Change is constant.

    I therefor allow myself to be able to change my mind. To know that whatever is true for me today might not be true for me tomorrow, and likewise with others.

    It’s taken me quite a few head butts against very strong walls to figure out that it is all point of view. The only thing now is to be open to whatever different point of view someone else has, and to put away the ego and emotion and learn from another’s perspective.

  • Thank you, Elaine. Sometimes, I think that Essence and Granny Guide both have a subtle influence via intuition. Ideas just “come.” I appreciate an audience, even if it’s only of one — especially since you’re so damned appreciative! :)

    I’m similar to you only a whole lot more years along to get to the same point. Recently, it seems like I’ve become far more intolerant of all the wrangling that I used to enjoy on the HuffPo political site; now, I’m seeing far more commonality with people who at one time I totally disagreed with. If someone is honestly stating their opinion or “truth,” I’m now able to hear it. I’m not so sure about those whom I think of as dishonest. I don’t bother to waste my time on their blitherings.

    Anyway, thanks :)

  • Elaine

    “If someone is honestly stating their opinion or “truth,” I’m now able to hear it. I’m not so sure about those whom I think of as dishonest. I don’t bother to waste my time on their blitherings.”

    YES!!! I think that when we can get to the point of recognising when someone truely believes something as true, and it’s not just taking a side in order to enjoy the adrenaline rush of argument, then we can be open to that point of view and learn from it.

    As for online arguments I enjoy the kind where people are truely open and honest, and not the kind where it’s fueled by ego or a need to be “right” If you find any like those let me know HAHA.

    Unfortunately the internet allows people to easily act from Personality and ego and to “Hide” behind false persona. So atfer years of online debating and back and forth on opinion, I find it quite freeing to be able to read a point of view, and just smile about it and move on. Knowing that this particular person will not be open to true discussion but will only be interested in the actual “rush” of fighting.

    As for being appreciative, I really look forward to your posts, I’ll just keep complimenting you so you never feel this is not worth something. Your writing has become an important part of my day. :)

  • Part of the reason that I chose to do a blog based on validating is that the only way I can “validate” or “relate” to most information is by internalizing it and corroborating it with an experience–and experience wherein I learned something or where I can learn something now. An “Oh, THAT’s why!” kind of epiphany. I might be highly intellectual at times, but I NOW understand why I’m emotional, intellectual-part centered. I do have to take things within first. My presentation is intellectually-based, but even then it’s got go through the emotional part of me first, do the hop, skip, jump down memory lane.

    The “now” is that I’m just now, right this moment, understanding that centering data — I couldn’t validate it until now. But, now I understand the need to extrapolate a personal experience throughout my writing — whether or not I actually post it, memories are accompanying me. I’ve been tinkering with the idea of doing up a personal history of some of my imprinting and conditioning and how it’s hung on in least expected ways or that I exchanged for something else. Anyway, it makes sense why I’ll probably be writing to that topic.

    Geraldine :)

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