Comparing Michael to Others

Troy Tolley, a Michael channel, has coined the expression “whackdoodle” to apply to some of the most unverifiable material that has come through over the years — things like the Pyramids were built in the future by aliens, greatly expanded timelines for human ensoulment and occupation of the earth, and Lemurians, who cycled off 60,000 years ago. So much of the Michael material is laid out in an orderly, organized manner that reminds one of other personality profile types of teachings. While validating one’s profile does take time to figure out how all of the puzzle pieces fit together, there is a practicality to it.

After years of reading various spiritual or religious teachings, Michael simply “makes sense” when they discuss the Tao, All That Is, or sentient structure, or soul age levels and the process of growth and development. Even karma has been de-mystified. Michael may speak somewhat obliquely at times, but overall, they are no nonsense and lack the flowery verbiage that accompanies so much of other New Age channeling. And, most who channel Michael have pretty much the same sound and flavor, one to the next, and don’t make wild claims.

An example of the florid type of channeling that is quite prevalent can be found on the Council of Love, channeled by Linda Dillon.

“The soul/sole purpose of this Council is to introduce and spread love throughout the Universe. Our role is to instill within each of your hearts the knowing, trust and heartfelt wholeness necessary to return to the Oneness of God. It is the intention of the Divine that all return Home, into the Love. The Council of Love is God’s Council. It is composed of angels, archangels, pure light beings, saints, above and below, space beings, who have evolved to sheer energy, and Enlightened Masters. You may think of us as a Rainbow Coalition; a Sacred Alliance from many walks of the Universe. Our numbers are Legion and our number is One. Our Love is an energy which can be felt throughout the entire Universe and it is this love which we channel into each person’s heart. We are the Messengers of the One, and the message is Love.”

Dillon claims to channel not only Yahweh and Mother Mary, but half a dozen Archangels, Albert Einstein, Buddha, Gaia, Jesus Sananda, Lao Tzu, Maitreya, Mary Magdalene, Sai Baba, Sanat Kumara, and St. Germaine, as well as Quan Yin and a handful of saints. She holds an annual weekend gathering in Sedona for $454, plus lodging cost, webinars for $250 for a set of four, and workshops that seem to price out at $150/day. In short, she has a website filled with flowery nonsense that will make the seeker feel as though they’re hobnobbing with the rich and famous spiritual masters of all time. But, the more I track down channelings that appear on the Just Channels group list, the more similar the messages seem.

I struggle to heed Michael’s messages on validation, and do not see how anyone could validate Dillon.

[Michael Entity] Without the process of validation, the door is wide open for us to work with a wide swath of students and non-students, but it minimizes much of the potential for actual learning. Without the process of validation there is also a consistent division nurtured among the various channels as certain groups form around the discrepancies that are unique to a channel, which then undermines much of the point of our teaching. Validation is vital on many levels, but only for those who choose for that to be a relevant ingredient in their process of learning and discerning. Many have not considered the possibilities beyond the current courtesies that increase such variations and gaps among the channels.

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