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In addition to the links given with the authors and books, there are two primary sites: one that bills itself as the “official” Michael Teachings website and community, run by Dave Gregg, and the NING Truth, Love, and Energy social networking site run by Troy Tolley. One doesn’t have to choose. Both have merit and should be utilized. The MT website has roots back to the late 90s and was originally started by Lori Tostado. One can access the website as it was then via the WayBackMachine.

While Dave Gregg channels some written material, he does not channel in a direct interactive manner such as the other channel currently associated with his website — Shepherd Hoodwin. Note: one must supply a photograph in advance if asking a personal question of the three on MT and none is required with Troy.

TruthLoveEnergy also runs two ongoing chats for anyone interested in Michael “stuff.” There is the twice-weekly event, held in the IRC channel #CausalConnection on, and a regular spontaneous one on the TLE website itself via the chat app, found  in the lower right corner of the webpage. One must be logged-in as a member in order to access that chat. The conversations run the gamut of people exchanging ordinary conversational tidbits about their ongoing personal lives to fairly indepth discussions of some aspect of the teachings. Questions are answered with humor and irreverence much of the time. It is not a stuffy group.

Note: Dave Gregg has purchased most of the domains that include the words “Michael Teachings,” which can give the appearance of authority as many search engines will pick up this duplication and give it precedence in the top 10 hits.  But, it quickly becomes apparent that they act more as shills to the main site as they are rarely updated.

Troy Tolley has recently published his Truth Love Energy Library, which comprehensively covers Michael channeling transcripts for the past 12 years of online presence. It is the single largest body of verbatim transcripts of live Michael channeling available and is in an easy-to-search format. It is a growing resource that will continue to be updated of topic-based sessions with Q&A by guests, private sessions being released by students, transcripts of Live Michael Speaks chats, and Energy Reports. The Library holds literally thousands of hours of channeling Michael.

Emily Baumbach has her own website, Causalworks

Stephen J. Coccone has the Michael Teachings site. He has greatly expanded his site during the past few years with more articles, plus his Michael Tarot Deck.

JP Van Hulle and Michael North, Jr. run the MEF site.

The publisher of the Yarbro Michael books also runs a website on their behalf, which includes some material not in the books.

Flight of the Hawk is the work of Victoria Marina-Tompkins. As you will quickly notice, her work is heavily flavored with shamanism. There are quite a few articles channeled from Michael by both Victoria and some from Sarah Chambers, who was with the original MFM group.

Michael Mosaics is the public site run by Terri Benning, who is also strongly influenced by shamanism–most of her current teaching work is in that vein.

Kay Kamala in New Mexico.

Tricia Sullivan has deep roots that go back to the earlier days of Michael in the Bay Area and has a blog-question-based website, “Insights and Awareness,” that is very worth a read. While I find her language to be somewhat awkward, it is both consistent, and quite representative of the non-emotional Michaelspeak that I’m used to. She, like Troy Tolley, seems to trance channel.

While Barbara Taylor doesn’t channel, she has done a huge amount of work on keeping track of the latest books and Michael sites and theories on her Its Time site. This is also where one goes to find the Casting graph.

Shepherd Hoodwin’s site at Summerjoy.

A great ever-evolving website is being built by Barry, a psychologist, Personality & Spirituality.

Kath Neall has created an accessible to the public website in conjunction with her MSTC Community, which is members only. Advanced Study in Michael Teachings offers “compilations.” These are short articles that incorporate all “hits” from the Original Michael Group transcripts.  It’s a very valuable resource, as reading the transcripts is not only difficult, but in linear order, it’s nearly impossible to track down all of the Michael Quotes on a single topic.

And, there is Jose Stevens. He’s published several of the most useful “beginners” books about the Michael Teachings, but his work is also infused with a good deal of Shamanism and other disciplines. He’s currently offering something called THE PERSONESSENCE™ SYSTEM FOR UNDERSTANDING PEOPLE. It is purchased in “chapters.” It does seem to be based on the Michael Teachings, and is a method of applying Michael to one’s life.

Experience Happiness is the relative newcomer to the Michael block as it only started up a couple of years ago. It’s the only site run by someone who claims to channel Michael but has close to zero of the Michael Teachings or emphasis on it. It caused quite a stir when it first became public and Karen Murphy received the following of Michael:

We have expressed to you before many times about the fact that there is new material awaiting you.  We have also said that we are available to anyone who asks.  We would say that in this case, with this particular material, what is happening is that yes, we are being accessed and a certain amount of our energy if you will is being used, but the message is filtered through a set of expectations that cloud and direct the scope of our energy.  We would say this occurs more frequently in more channels than you would suspect.  It is often difficult, as you are aware, to maintain clarity when one as a channel holds certain expectations as to the material.  In addition, many channels respond to the expectations held by the questioner or the recipient of the channeled material.  As simplistic as the message being touted by these channels appears to be, we anticipate that it will in some ways touch a wider variety of people than has been the case in recent times, meaning the past 20-30 years.  In other words, we anticipate a growth occurring in terms of the scope of our messages and the number of people affected by it.  It is true that there is additional information being added in this case to our messages and there are those that object to this “desecration”, but understand that from our perception, it is not necessarily a bad thing.   Each of you has of course the power to validate for yourselves information you come in contact with and we encourage you at all times to continue doing so.

Linda is a 4-level mature warrior, priest cast, scholar ET, artisan TC, goal of growth, mode of passion, attitude of realist, chief feature of arrogance and impatience.   Emotionally centered, moving part.

Nancy is a 7th level mature scholar, artisan cast, server ET, artisan TC, goal of discrimination, mode of caution, attitude of pragmatist, intellectually centered/emotional part.  CF is stubbornness/greed.

One of the most controversial channels of the past couple of years: Karen Murphy, now Talyaa Liera, owner of Polaris Rising needs to be mentioned. It is definitely going to be up to the individual to validate for themselves who or what she is. She veered off from straight Michael work a few years ago and claims to be channeling a group of the three most renowned entities who have been channeled by others: Seth, Robert, and Michael, along with an unknown. Most recently, she claims that Polaris now consists of 7 Entities.

And, this cast of characters as listed in the books article and this one comprise all of the better known Michael channels. All have feet of clay. None are worthy of blind following as though they have guru-like abilities. They don’t. None of them have achieved a state anywhere close to what we might term enlightenment, if it were important. All are solidly human with bad habits, poor decision-making qualities, CFs — primary and secondary, and a whole lot of negative poles. In short, they are as much a student as anyone else. Additionally, most are making their living off of their work; so, while this doesn’t disqualify them from being considered objective, it does raise the possibility that they might pander to their clients on occasion.

There has been a conspiracy of silence for a long time. It’s considered poor manners to question a channel’s accuracy. But, beyond that, there has been a blind acceptance for just about anything that’s deemed to be from Michael — unquestioning acceptance, and from many of the others being channeled throughout the New Age Community. It’s time we started attempting to validate, and if we can’t validate, maybe we need to ask more questions and expand what is known on the topic. Non-validation doesn’t mean outright rejection.

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