The beginning is now.

Over the past few years, I’ve been participating on several Michael Teachings Yahoo Group Lists, in IRC chats, and as a member in a couple of NING social networking groups. As my own knowledge about Michael has solidified via reading most of the available published MT books, various internet sites, participating in discussions, self-introspection, and through personal validation, I have become increasingly uncomfortable voicing my opinions in the venues open to me. The Michael Community, as we like to characterize ourselves, isn’t really all that cohesive or in agreement on any number of topics, most especially whether or not the latest channeling is accurate or to be believed. Even though we’re repeatedly told to validate, it’s a whole lot like being the small boy who shouted, “The Emperor is naked!” and then being hustled out of the ceremony for being obstreperous and troublesome.

What IS the online Michael Community? It’s a series of groups centered around one or two channels in each who purport to channel the Michael Entity from the Causal plane that have a web or internet presence. There are more groups and channels who have yet to create a web presence. Many of the beginning students are totally unaware of the other groups for quite awhile. Many of the longer term students drift back and forth between a couple of them. And still others become loyal followers of one channel in particular to the exclusion of all others. Some channels only have a web presence as a marketing device and rarely publish anything of note that is “free.”

Do all Michael channels pretty much say the same thing? Uh, not really. While most seem to be in agreement on the so-called basics of Michael’s Essence and Personality dynamics, which I consider the true core teachings, there are differing levels of emphasis, and conflicts between profiles channeled by different channels, and one new channel who doesn’t even pay any attention at all to the basics. Several others have really deviated off into shamanism and animal totems, which has virtually nothing in common with Michael’s basics. One channel claims she is processing information from a group of 7 entities, one of which is Michael. The so-called “Original” group has been holding sessions for 30 years, published the 4 de-facto mainstay books of the teachings, but remains in top secret seclusion and refuses to participate in any public forum. . .and calls everyone else a fraud.

Additionally, none of the channels or students are especially “perfect” as human beings. They’re all works in progress. Each has his or her own real life issues born of profile overleaves, agreements, internal and external monads, genetics, karma, social enculturation, varying degrees of abilities, choices, and last but not least good ole ego, Maya, and false personality. A sure fire set of circumstances for finger-pointing, denouncements, disagreements, and severed relationships. Welcome to the physical plane. It’s called being human.

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