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1. The Michael Teachings began back in the early 1970s when a small group of friends in the San Francisco Bay Area were experimenting with a Ouija Board, and Michael, a causal plane entity, was the third contact to show up. The group, loosely referred to as the “Messages from Michael,” or “original,” or “CQY” for Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, has changed members over the years and remains quite exclusive and non-public. They’ve published four books: “Messages from Michael,” “More Messages from Michael,” “Michael’s People,” and “Michael for the Millennium.” MFM and MMFM have both been republished within the past year or so with both updates and a change from the original format which used ALL CAPS for Michael quotations and now uses the more conventional italicized type for quoted material. All of these books are available on Amazon in either new or used copies.

I consider MFM, MMFM, and MFTM to be pretty much “must reads” within the first few years of one’s studying Michael. I don’t consider them to be the definitive last word on all things Michael, but nonetheless, I do consider them essential to one’s total knowledge base about Michael. Most of the other published books on Michael have few direct quotes from Michael and there is a distinct flavor that comes through when reading Michael.

Caveat: Yarbro was not in the original group, but came in several years later, organized handwritten transcripts into a publishable book. Major changes and edits were made. None of the books can be considered “all-inclusive” of the teachings nor even completely pristine channelings. There are even quite a few statements that were contradicted by later in depth questioning of other channels. Yarbro also applied quite freely “editorial license” in terms of creating a story, choosing which channelings to include and which to ignore, and in at least her last book, fabricated channeling at times. A member of the Original Michael Group says that the impressive physical manifestation of Michael in MFM NEVER happened.

The ongoing Michael caveat: At BEST only 80% of channeling is accurate.  This will be discussed in depth later on.

Additional caveat: The original MFM group had strong ties to the Gurdjieff philosophical community and it definitely flavored their questions and what issues they pursued.

2. I think the next book that should be considered for purchase is the current edition of Barbara Taylor’s “Concordance,” updated in August 2009. Tracking niggling quotes becomes progressively more difficult the more you read. Trying to find something you know you read but cannot find becomes a frustrating chore. Few of the books are particularly well-organized or well-indexed.

3. Shepherd Hoodwin’s “The Journey of Your Soul,” is considered by many to be the defacto authoritative work on the teachings, and if you’re only going to buy one book, I’d probably recommend it, even though it has its own flaws and discrepancies with the teachings. For example, Shepherd has a totally unique way of denoting one’s casting. Also, his caveat on why there can be discrepancies between channels about profiles is pretty much bullshit when he claims that channeling changes the information on the Akashic. However, as you will tell from reading his “Channeling More Than Once,” that discrepancies have been with the teachings for a long time. But, this is a much bigger topic and is foursquare part of the issue of validation; we’ll be back to it.

Oh, and SH has a new book coming out in 2011 — “Enlightenment for Nitwits.” I remember reading some early release snippets of it a few years ago. It’s really pretty funny.

Caveat: There is NO single authoritative source on the teachings.

4. Another well-known and often-published Michael channel is Jose Stevens. I own his “Transforming Your Dragons: Turning Personality Fear Patterns into Personal Power,” “The Michael Handbook,” and “Tao to Earth.” I can think of no book that shows as clearly and cleanly what the Chief Negative Features or Obstacles are all about. They afflict all and his Dragons book definitely would give everyone insight into many of their more irrational personal behaviors. I’ve given the more specific link to his Personessence materials as several look as useful and highly specific as his Dragons proved to be.

I recommend Stevens’ “The Michael Handbook,” as the best of the aftermarket books on Michael Teachings for beginners. It’s not as lightweight as some of the others and is less comprehensive than Hoodwin’s “Journey.” It’s a good book to gift with if wanting to introduce the teachings.

Caveat: Stevens strongly flavors his Michael with other belief systems, such as shamanism, astrology, and even Eastern practices.

5. J.P. Van Hulle runs the Michael Educational Foundation website and business. She’s co-authored “Michael: The Basic Teachings,” and “The Personality Puzzle.”

6. The last couple of slender volumes are Joya Pope’s “The World According to Michael,” and Emily Baumbach’s much-quoted “Michael’s Cast of Characters,” a compilation of profiles of many famous and infamous historical, political, or entertainment people.

7. Adding a new book. Victoria Marina-Thompkins has released a book on the 7 Internal Monads, “Spiritual Turning Points.”  It has little to do with the 7 stages of completing any of the Internal Monads, but is more an overview of how one progresses through life and does IMs due to age and development. It includes both Astrology and Shamanism POVs about each of the monads.

8. Another book. “7 Personality Types,” by Elizabeth Puttick. This book focuses purely and intensively on the 7 Roles (and Casting) of the Michael Teachings.  The link is for the Amazon sample.

9. An e-book is available by an anonymous author, but published by a T. Sullivan on a web-based self-publishing site. “Michael on Relationships,” is a soft read, good for people who have difficult slogging through more dense Michael channeling, such as that on TLE. It is nearly all channeled Q&A. There are some obvious discrepancies between the Michael channeled for this person versus the Michael that comes through with others; however, this is part of the entire ongoing issue of validating Michael.

10. An e-book on Relationships. Kay Kamala. SEVEN VOICES, ONE SONG: Compatibility Between The 7 Roles
Seven Voices, One Song: Relationship Compatibility Between the 7 Archetypal Roles


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